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Make Your Library the Protest

It is an exciting time to be a librarian.

No, really.

Whether it is a result of potentially positive changes or due to worrisome occurrences (budget cuts) libraries (and by extension librarians) can tell that the waters beneath librarianship are rocky. 1,788 more words


Tragedi Hak Milik Bersama (Tragedy of The Commons)

Tahun 1968, Garrett Hardin menerbitkan karyanya yang kemudian menjadi sebuah esai yang berpengaruh dan kontroversial mengenai sebab-sebab dan hakekat dari problem-problem lingkungan. Dalam esai tersebut, dia berargumen bahwa polusi lingkungan dan menurunnya jumlah sumber daya terutama merupakan hasil dari tiga ‘kesenjangan’ yang fundamental yang ada antara utilitas yang diandaikan didapat dengan cara-cara mengekstrasi dan mencemari sumber daya, dan tantangan untuk menjamin bahwa sumber daya dikelola dan dijaga secara kolektif. 517 more words

Selayang Pandang


The Commons, Sustainability, and Earth Day

Citizens of Earth can all say that every day is EARTH DAY!

The awareness of the Commons and the Sustainability Movement is awakening millions of people around the globe. 149 more words


The true voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. – Marcel Proust

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The Commons

Notes on the Brecht Forum Meeting of April 16

I was caught completely off guard when I received this email:

    Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2014 11:10:03 -0400
    From: Brecht Forum
    To: Quilas
    Subject: An Ending is Also a Beginning…
    2,086 more words

Sustainable Playland's Tax Filings - Finances part 2

Big discussion going on today on the Rye Patch about SPI’s financials, HERE.

Sustainable Playland has repeated without challenge that it has spent approximately $600,000 on this project.   83 more words

Kim Morque

Librarian is Still My Occupation – Another Epilogue

When most people think of the People’s Library (from Occupy Wall Street) the image they conjure up is of the library in its heyday: those two months in the Fall of 2011 when the library (OWSL) was in Zuccotti Park. 1,216 more words