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The Luddite Response

Would it be fair to call those who advocate for online privacy Luddites? It seems a rather absurd question.

After all, those who encourage people to use TOR, encryption, or even to install basic tracking blockers seem – if anything – to be rather techno-savvy. 1,749 more words


Governing the Commons: Reviving a commons in Japan

Elinor Ostrom‘s great book Governing the Commons describes how one community in Japan managed its common mountain forestry for hundreds of years using local traditions instead of government rules. 422 more words

The Commons

Throwback Thursday: Night scenes

In this week’s throwback journey, we’re exploring night photography that captures the mood at a Swedish amusement park, a drive-in of North Carolina,  Theatre Row of Missouri, and more offered in the archives from… 242 more words


[For display - do not swallow]

Sowing seeds of hate
Sowing hate to mow
Cultivating a patch
For constant dispatch
To promotional shows

For sowing and feeding
And hoeing and mowing… 14 more words


Running in place

You know
This status quo:
It’s just running in place
Running in place


Afraid to slow
Nowhere to go
But yesterday’s space
And tomorrow


The Commons.

The Commons.
49 W. 10th Street
Tracy, CA
Downtown Tracy


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The 1% Whining About Fairness: Dictators and GINIs

The New Yorker recently ran an essay by James Surowiecki about U.S. billionaires complaining over income taxes and class warfare. Poster boy for this group is… 768 more words

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