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A terror threat?
Oh, yeah, you bet!
It’s clear severe
The Neocon MO, though

And so-called leaders
Bottom feeders
How they roll: 34 more words


Human Nature

Shall do very well
Without you
Or me
She conducts her own symphony
It is we humans
Who must reconcile our own natures
We… 32 more words


Welcome the Internet Archive to The Commons

Over the past couple of weeks, The Internet Archive has already been uploading content behind the scenes, and today we are very excited to officially launch them into… 382 more words


Who Was Captain Swing?

General Ludd, and the army of redressers that gathered behind his name, has become something of an all-purpose avatar for any attitude towards technology that is less than fawning. 3,177 more words


And yet, here we all are: dying by a thousand cuts

I’m looking at the state of my country and the state of the world. I’m enduring political-social-economic breakdown, war and general meltdown; I’m witnessing agendas that require the deliberate construction of societal divisions and the fabrication of conflicts – even mass murder by sovereign nations and marauding fascist hordes. 734 more words


good men

I see many men,
once thought to be good,
do a great deal of nothing
until it is something
within Evil’s thrall

but then, I see others, 15 more words


saturday vignette: an afternoon in Washington, DC

My wife and I recently stayed overnight in Washington, DC. Neither of us had visited the city much since we lived there for about five years many years ago. 355 more words