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Email summary Sunday August 31st 2014

Well, it started off a quiet week, with the first email arriving on Wednesday August 27th from UKIP. Nigel wanted to let us know that he was selected to stand as UKIP’s Thanet South candidate for the next election and asked if I could donate £5 because Conservatives and Labour are going to be firing “heavy artillery” on the constituency. 75 more words

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Summary week ending Sunday August 24th 2014

The first email this week was from Philip Hammond – Foreign Secretary, with an update of the situations in Iraq, Gaza and the Ukraine. (Monday August 18th) 724 more words

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Political Party Newsletter Summary: August 9th - 17th

On August 9th 2014, just after I published the last blog, I had an email from Simon Hughes of the Liberal Democrats entitled “Drug Sentencing Laws”. 1,102 more words

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Summary of emails from The Conservative Party Jul 10-28

I have been receiving emails from the Conservative Party since July 10th 2014, which was over 2 weeks before I signed up for email updates with all the other parties. 941 more words

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Sifting through the propoganda... Introduction to this blog

Hello and welcome to my new blog.

I set this up to objectively share with the world what the major UK political parties are trying to convey to their supporters, and provide a bit of commentary and observation on what they seem to think is important. 277 more words

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Contending for the Faith: Adjusting to a new, subtler battle tactic

‘Faith is a virus, columnist claims’, published by The Christian Institute on 22nd July 2014.

‘ said, “Rationalists no longer expect to get rid of religion altogether by explaining life and matter: they aim only to tame it instead, and to protect children from it”‘

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