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Weekend Warrior 08.23.14

Weekend Warrior 08.23.14.

The Constitution is a living document that leads me to the positions, often resembling the blond in me, of absolute amazement from seeing contemptuous and UN-Constitutional actions from Government Officials.  473 more words

The Cost Of War

Disagreeing with Jim Geraghty: Senate Democrats do want their jobs

Just not the jobs we all think they’re supposed to be doing.

Last week Jim pointed to an article in Politico about the Democrats’ immigration conundrum… 423 more words


When Gunfire & Tear Gas are Used on the General Public

And so, I guess, there’s NO way this will end peacefully then???  From MSNNEWS.com…

Hundreds of protesters, including young children, fled to safety after police wearing gas masks and body armor fired canisters of smoke to disperse them hours ahead of a planned midnight curfew. 513 more words


Electric Pollution, the Regulatory State, and the Wild West

This is an essay inspired by a podcast James Tracy published at his Memory Hole Blog, where I am a frequent presence.

I publish it here now, inspired by Rich’s recent comment, which hoped I would generate some action here.   2,128 more words

Building a bridge

Another Ferguson, MO looming question:

The media and Rand Paul have run full-throttle about the “militarization” of police forces all over the country.  Not talked about in this latest media hype is the larger “militarization” effort by President Obama at the federal level, arming agencies, like the IRS and the BLM, to the teeth. 519 more words


'Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri'


The police officer involved in the fatal shooting of an unarmed teen in a St. Louis suburb has been identified as Darren Wilson. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, who released the name to reporters today, said Wilson has been a police officer for six years. 50 more words