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Republican Capitulation Feeds Barack Obama's Tyranny

When Barack Obama announced his plan Thursday night to mainstream millions of illegal immigrants with an executive order allowing them to remain in the United States without facing deportation he not only created a precedent, but a law in itself. 928 more words

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The President's Speech

President Obama rang the bell last night in his speech on immigration. The President is a Constitutional lawyer. He is also a man of faith, a thoughtful Christian who interprets the Bible the way Abraham Lincoln did, and, like Lincoln before him, the President preached to a divided nation from the White House. 277 more words


Endorsed: Bar Obama from making his State of the Union address before Congress

Since it became apparent that President Obama was about to (and did, last night) usurp the legislature’s authority to write and amend our laws, Republicans and conservatives (and some liberals) have been bandying around several strategies to fight back: some form of defunding, censure, even impeachment. 437 more words

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Minimum Wage = ZERO

The minimum wage is a violation of the United States Constitution. According to Judge Andrew Napolitano,

Collective bargaining has increased the economic means of the great majority of working people in the United State by securing decent wages and benefits for union members and driving wages higher even for the unorganized. 1,055 more words


Morning Vent: Some thoughts on last night (and some links)

First of all, that speech was awful. It was a typical “You’ve disappointed me, America” Obama speech and not an especially articulate one. I know liberal pundits and the Obama cultists (but I repeat myself) were falling all over themselves last night, but let’s be honest: It was like a 6th grade essay contest entry that got 8th place. 3,454 more words


Video: Sen. Cruz Invokes Cicero’s Words Against President Obama’s Lawlessness

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaking  Senate floor, Thursday, harkened back to Cicero’s famous warning to the citizens of Rome over 2,000 years ago. The Roman philosopher, Marcus Cicero, was advocating a return to a Republican form of government after the emperor Julius Caesar died. 471 more words


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Well-played by Senator Cruz. This Classics fan nods in approval.