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Justice For Jessica Chambers Murder Claims,

Sundance at http://theconservativetreehouse.com/ recently stated the following misleading information about Jessica Chambers;

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The Conservative American Crisis

Thomas Paine famously wrote in The American Crisis, “How easy it is to abuse truth and language, when men, by habitual wickedness, have learned to set justice at defiance”. 1,042 more words


LESSONS IN LOGIC: You are either Pro TEA Party, or You are Pro Tyranny (there’s no ‘middle ground’ on this issue)

Are you Pro TEA Party or Pro Tyranny, Slavery/Indentured Servitude, Lawlessness and Licentiousness?  Yes, I understand that it is fallacious to argue “You’re either for me or against me… 1,110 more words


Thomas Sowell discusses a rule of law country

What should I say–yea Thomas? I am so disgusted withe the legal community and the media that I wanna spit. 28 more words


Common Sense, Anarchy 2014

“Freedom of Speech has absolutely nothing to do with the right to promote and carry out anarchy.  The intent of The Constitution is not and never has been anarchism.   184 more words


Show Details for the week of December 8th, 2014

On The Monitor this week:

  • When the Police Kill the Populace – police misconduct, violence and race – an interview with Matthew Fogg
  • The Dumbing Down of National Security Policy – secretaries of defense resignations and appointments – an interview with…
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GOP Congressmen - Time To Take A Stand!

Have you ever had to tell the boss he’s wrong?

One of the stupidest things I ever did is something I am still proud of.  Way back in the day I was a sophomore on the junior varsity basketball team, hoping to move up to the varsity squad.  911 more words