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As the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth approaches, the great Shakespearean actor Simon Russell Beale explains his secrets.

Next time someone tells you California is doing just fine, have them… 1,440 more words

Red Light Cameras: Making Streets Safer or Unconstitutional Money Machines?

Picture getting home from work one day, running out to check the mail, and finding that you have a ticket waiting for you in the… 690 more words

Criminal Defense

CIA joins NSA in hot seat. Obama to protect them.

A leak of a list of findings by the Senate Intelligence Committee HERE indicates that the CIA lied, denied its use of brutality during interrogations, misled the press, the public and the government, and spied on the the Committee’s members who were assessing the program itself , in addition to brutalizing many more detainees than it has admitted to. 133 more words

Opinionated Cat

Why The Bundy Ranch Situation Should Alarm All Americans

The Cliven Bundy situation began twenty years ago regarding a land dispute between Bundy and the federal government over the grazing of cattle. Next, it became a story of protecting an endangered desert tortoise until finally it ended with the truth of the matter. 921 more words


America's Suicide Pact With Communism

By Alan Caruba ~

It was a Founder and our second President, John Adams, who said “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. 1,183 more words

Public Opinion

If I Were to Re-write the United States’ Constitution

Welcome to Part II of 42 STEPS TO A BETTER WORLD. In this installment, the prompt for which I stole in whole and without shame from somewhere else, we look at ways to improve the United States via one of its founding documents, the Constitution. 1,741 more words

United States History