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What is Jonathan Fransen trying to say about society? -Family Dynamics

The Family Dynamics are continually mentioned throughout this novel, but the was Jonathan Fransen portrays Alfred and the Family during Chapter for me gives of a number of different messages, and I believe Fransen is using this novel and the Lambert’s to portray a message about society itself and isn’t just a story about a troubled family. 1,263 more words

The Corrections

By: Jonathan Franzen

Publication Date: 2001

Status: unread

The Corrections

THE CORRECTIONS by Jonathan Franzen

At last, I’ve finished my first book-for-the-train since starting work. That book is The Corrections, the novel that propelled Jonathan Franzen towards being labelled as one of the greatest authors of the 21st century. 273 more words

The Corrections

 With a continuously shifting point of view, The Corrections takes the point of view of a 5 member nuclear family throughout some specific moments in their life, all revolving around a conversation started by the Mother, about spending one last Christmas together. 251 more words