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More Dragons......

Back to fighting dragons.  My goal is to create enough isolation from the background to create a clean image with strong graphics and no textural distractions. 40 more words

The Creative Life

For The Time Being

Sometimes you get in the car and pull out of the driveway and hit the road without knowing where you are going. You go to the river because you don’t know where else to go. 288 more words

The Creative Life

Personality Puppetry and Grief

Recently, I sent a friend a text. The content wasn’t important. Perhaps it was about meeting up or figuring out a decent time to chat amidst our mutually busy lives. 527 more words

Pushpins (Daily Life)

A Cubicle Is A Cubicle Is A Cubicle

My Work Space

“…the room where the walls come together…”

- E..A. Poe, The Pit and the Pendulum

No matter how management attempts to aggrandize their decision to relocate a hardworking, dedicated employee ( 195 more words

New York Life

One Week In

It’s been a week since I set up the project to to go to Nepal for Shamar Rinpoche‘s cremation, to illustrate, photograph, and narrate the journey, and to ask for every one I know and pretty much any one else I can reach who might care to connect and support this endeavor, by giving money, by spreading the word, by following along. 301 more words


Cold Hard Cash

There’s something I want to say. I haven’t dared because, well…it’s complicated in my head, and being able to share it with you means working through the complications. 607 more words


To Do Something

After all the sadness and whirlwind (though neither of those things is really, technically over), I decided it was high time to take all that emotive madness and use it to do something instead of just being bowled over all the time. 209 more words