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We're usually alone out there.

It could have been so nice outside today, it’s fairly warm, the sun shows itself every now and again and so far the rain showers have missed us. 500 more words

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I'll do nothing for the rest of the day.

No sunshine here today but it is almost as warm and wind free so it is a quite enjoyable day. We saw a few deers and cranes on our morning walk and something was running away in the forest but I couldn’t hear what it might have been (well I did see an awful lot of ducks and geese as well to be honest). 413 more words

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and the creek...

besides the maples, our little creek has been flowing lately too!

reminds me of 75 main street during the winter thaw– grab your velveeta, time for trout fishing! 11 more words

Abbey Lane

It's strange that something that big can be so hard to see sometimes.

I woke up last night with cramps in both thighs and that’s not a good way to wake up. I was so tired that I didn’t know my name and certainly not to get rid of the cramps in both legs at the same time either :-) I managed to get rid of it in one leg and when I tried to get rid of it in the other it started again in the first one :-) I don’t know for how long I was up but I do have sore thighs now :-)  494 more words

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What a wonderful day!

Today has been and still is one of those first spring days when You think, this is like summer. Of course it isn’t unless You live in Sweden because we’ve had summers when almost no day passed C (F) :-) But since we had almost no wind it did feel like summer, or as I imagine summer after a long winter. 660 more words

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Date Night in Boerne - The Creek Restaurant

Looking for a special spot for a date night this weekend? Try The Creek Restaurant. This quaint and cozy restaurant sits just next to Cibolo Creek and offers a wonderful selection of fine wines and a full bar. 126 more words

I'm thinking pancakes.

Another day that could have been truly wonderful if it hadn’t been for the wind. It is still an ok day but the wind does its best to make us go inside again. 426 more words

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