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They don't like it but they do it.

The fire is burning in the stove again, it didn’t last evening because the chimney sweeper came here today and I never have a fire in the stove the day before that person arrives. 449 more words

This And That.

I wouldn't mind some sunshine.

Another grey and dismal day here but at least the rain is still not falling, that won’t start untill tomorrow they say. The wind blows hard too and I hope that will help my laundry that I’ve hung out to dry even though the humidity is high. 472 more words

This And That.

I have one growing, just in case.

It’s a grey windy morning but without the fog they had predicted I’m sorry to say. Fog just make any day so much nicer., especially now when it’s autumn and dreary. 476 more words


It's a bit chilly today.

I had to drive to the super market this morning. I was planning on doing it like always after work yesterday but having four tires in the trunk gives very little space for anything else, like six big packages with fire logs :-) I could of course have placed those packages in the back seat of the car but they weigh 10kg (22 pound) each and I doubt there would have been any bigger problems getting them in to the car but out :-) I can just see how my back would be twisted while trying to lift and pull out those packages :-) :-) 574 more words

This And That.

So calm.

It’s very calm outside and I guess it is the calm before the storm. To be honest we’ll only have gale here but that’s enough when it also will rain a lot and also snow a lot at the same time. 277 more words

This And That.

So much cheaper!

We’re having a rather nice morning here again today, some sunshine, some haze, a little wind and no┬árain. As always I expected no one else to be out there because almost all people in this village seems to sleep for as long as possible on weekends. 641 more words

This And That.

Frosty morning.

It was rather cold here this morning, almost -3C (27F), when I left for the vehicle inspection. The car was covered in concrete ice but the air was crisp and clear and no wind were to be found. 514 more words

This And That.