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It's not only the animals they take care of.

My vet has sold his business and three young ones have taken over, I learned that today when I went there to get a new prescription on Hector’s and Orvars medicine. 559 more words

This And That.

At least it's Friday.

The guys that knows how to fix our equipment at work came today but there just wasn’t time enough to actually fix all things that are wrong with it and that seems to be almost everything :-) One problem lead to another and so on. 452 more words

This And That.

I just cut myself a little.

Finally Friday and I’m at home yawning in front of the computer. I’m still tired after the thunder night and our weather really doesn’t help. After a few seconds with some sunshine it turned back to grey and rainy, mostly drizzle but still it doesn’t make one especially peppy does it :-) 588 more words

This And That.

Poem Of The Evening, August 7, 2014

Here is the poem The Creek in its entirety.  Thank you, readers, for bearing with me in these three stages.  I appreciate the helpful and thoughtful comments thus far.  546 more words