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"In a Big Country" - 來自蘇格蘭的風笛聲

聰叔叔:  聰叔叔與炯叔叔温叔叔識於微時,一起吃喝玩樂多年。中學後分道揚鑣勇闖美國加拿大英國,廿年後再聚首一堂。喜歡懷舊,但也樂於接受新事物;喜歡80年代音樂,但也不抗拒新時代音樂,因為不想變成一件老餅。

“In a Big Country”是一首正能量滿瀉的歌。

1983年推出的”In a Big Country”,是蘇格蘭搖滾樂隊Big Country的首張專輯”The Crossing”裡的第三張single,亦是他們最成功和最為人熟悉的一首歌。內容是關於主角如何去鼓勵身邊那位意志消沉的朋友,要他走出陰霾,重新振作,希望在明天。如果你有朋友需要你的開解和鼓勵,送他這首歌是一個不錯的選擇。論正氣的程度,此曲好比我們七、八十年代的「前程錦繡」、「一點燭光」、「喝采」等等,但加了一點點”型”。


So take that look out of here, it doesn’t fit you. 不要老是苦著臉,這個樣子並不適合你。 98 more words


Meet the Brian Johnson Band

Brian Johnson and his band have been gracing stages in Memphis for more than a decade.

The band is composed of just three guys and word is their sound is so good, it leaves audiences wondering, how that much sound can come from just three guys. 56 more words

Live At 9

The Crossing: Trailer

Acclaimed Hong Kong based filmmaker John Woo is back with his latest film in Chinese, The Crossing. Based on a real incident,the sinking of the steamer ‘Taiping’ in 1949, this is a 3D epic drama split across 2 parts, the first of which released in China on 2nd December,2014 and the second part is likely to release in May 2015. 79 more words


2014 Faves

Here are a few of my favorite foods I enjoyed during 2014.

Family circumstances prevented my wife and me from having a large number of dining out opportunities, but I did enjoy some good grub during 2014. 302 more words

Review of Consolation of Apollo in Chestnut Hill

In the Chestnut Hill Local, Michael Caruso calls The Consolation of Apollo “lyrical, even at its most dramatic and dissonant, ” saying that it is “theatrical” with “an ethereal quality that give the voices the sound of truly coming to earth from outer space.” 132 more words

New Music

20 The Crossing – Searching for Answers

The next episode in the flash-fiction serial The Crossing

I got home to a letter from my pen pal, Lynne, in England. Inside were photographs and postcards from her holiday, each numbered on the back so I could follow the descriptive within her letter. 210 more words

Online Writing

Neo Shadowstrider

How you get The Crossing? 

– Was a gift for christmas. We did halloween thingy with the guild, so the guild leader bought reciple and made it for me. 46 more words