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Why Your Princess Is in Another Castle

A couple months ago, Arthur Chu’s Daily Beast article, “Your Princess Is in Another Castle,” got a lot of attention for pointing out ways in which American pop culture contributes to our country’s rape culture. 465 more words


Arming the Corporations

Don’t you think there is entirely too much discussion in the followup of the Supreme Court’s obscene debacle concerning Hobby Lobby? Me too but it does suggest that there is a lot of meat in what SCOTUS shyly refers to as a limited ruling. 454 more words


The Great Office Novel - My top 5

I’ve just finished reading the wonderful ‘Then We Came to The End‘ by Joshua Ferris, a hilarious and touching account of life in a Chicago ad agency in the early noughties. 2,126 more words

Book Reviews

No Foreign Policy, You're Not "The Daily Beast"


“Which Intellectually Degenerate Online Publication is Foreign Policy Beginning to Resemble? The Answer May Surprise You.”

Let me clear, this is a problem more of form than content. 422 more words

Writing 400,000 Words in a Year

So much for the I-just-don’t-have-the-time excuse!  Take a look at this essay by Jamie Todd Rubin on The Daily Beast.  Mr. Rubin lays out, in six steps, how he wrote 400,000 words in one year.   53 more words