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Women vs Men: Who writes better?

For those who have been with me in history classes, they know of my feminist side. I get a little passionate about equality between the sexes, and when studying women in history, have gotten in a few heated discussions about the plight of some historical female figures. 178 more words


Why Olivia Nuzzi's 'Defense of Uber' Is Nonsense

Earlier today Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi decided to engage in some half-assed trolling of the web by defending the awful union-busting car service Uber and their decision to jack up prices in response to a armed stand off in Sydney Australia.  1,681 more words

Journalism Critique

What Aaron Sorkin Doesn't Understand About Badly Written Roles for Women

I really thought I was done being mad at Aaron Sorkin. This week marks the screenwriter’s promised retirement from his bully pulpit of choice, television, and with it his opportunity to journalismansplain the evils of clickbait and confessional blogging. 1,249 more words


"Divorce Ensued, Along With a Deluge of Humiliating Media Coverage"

Vignette inspired by: The Very Rich Should Divorce Very Quietly, The Daily Beast, November 6, 2014  

He was dressed in what I called his katana suit: a sartorial affair of sharp, precise edges, shades of steel gray, and starched white cuffs that peeked out from his jacket like small blades. 923 more words

Christina Kelly

Congressional Staffers Walk Out Of Jobs In Support Of Eric Garner & Mike Brown

150 congressional staffers walked out of their jobs on Capitol Hill as a silent protest in honor of Mike Brown and Eric Garner. They stood outside of the U.S. 335 more words

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Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky: Dems don't need 'fetid' southern states

@JayCaruso Well as they say in the south @mtomasky sounds as happy as a dead pig in the sun. Bless his little ole heart.

— Todd (@DCToddM) …

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5 Examples Of Feminist Censorship That Will Make You Rethink Online Bullying

On December 1, in Elonis v. U.S., the Supreme Court considered arguments that threats issued over social media platforms are a form of speech protected under the First Amendment. 1,067 more words