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Education takes another Hit

Once upon a time in America, every child knew how to read and write music.  Every child knew who Achilles, Juno, Zeus, and Apollo were.  Every child knew who Tesla (not the rock band), Edison, and Morse were.  1,525 more words

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'Hair,' The Protest Movement, and Today's Teens

They say art is forever, and to a certain extent, that is true, however, not all art is timeless; some art belongs only to a particular time and place.  1,498 more words

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Dear Anti-Vaxxers: You Want Pure Nature? OK, Die Young.

None of the New York parents who are refusing to vaccinate their children today were around the city in the summer of 1916, which is good for them and good for any of the kids they might have had. 657 more words

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When I had my first child, I never questioned "the man" in any way shape or form. Then, I had three more children in my 30's. I started to question everything, look into VBAC, water birthing, doulas, midwives, the whole shebang. I planned to baby wear, breastfeed forever, make organic baby food at home....and the list goes on. I also did my research on vaccines. From what I found, vaccines are necessary. The only "routine" newborn treatment I denied was the Erythromycin Eye Ointment. Why? Because I reviewed the risk factors, and felt as if we were safe to skip it, considering it might be a bit uncomfortable and cause initial blurred vision during my initial bonding with my babies. So, I did my research, I am informed, and I still vaccinate my babies. FWIW, Margo

Too Violent for High School?: Should Sweeney Todd be banned?

I just read a story about a New Hampshire High School that wishes to strike ‘Sweeney Todd’ from the school’s 2015 spring schedule because the powers that be (whoever they are—school officials of some variety) have determined that it is too violent to expose High School Students to at such a tender age.  1,005 more words

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Losing our Parental Rights: The Justina Pelletier case

It is every parent’s worst nightmare.  You have a child with a baffling illness, seen by two top doctors at a highly regarded medical facility like Tufts-New England Medical Center who diagnose her with having a mitochondrial disorder which causes her pain and problems with eating and walking.  1,400 more words

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The First Amendment: Where does it say Separation of Church and State?

Allow me to start this rant with a metaphor.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument that I hate movies (I don’t but I am trying to make a point here).  1,742 more words

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Innovators or Operators: Our Children's Education

Am I the only who gets completely frustrated by the constant changes to our educational system?  Has it never occurred to the powers that be that the best educational method is the old one?  1,529 more words

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