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Underdogs: The Market Basket Saga

In financially difficult times such as these; a time to which I refer as the company’s market (too many workers seeking too few jobs), when workers tend to feel hopelessly oppressed in their jobs, lacking control over their circumstances, forced to put up with more criticism, more humiliation, fewer hours and less money, it is easy to understand how a story like the ‘Market Basket Saga’ can capture our attention and spirit. 680 more words

The Daily Rant

No Parlay! Wedding planning, mothers, daughters & hedging bets!

So my future son-in-law is now in Kosovo for his last Marine deployment before returning home, leaving the military after five years and  marrying my daughter Sara this coming June. 455 more words


Food Banks Bad, Welfare Good?

I haven’t written a new blog for a while (would love to say I’ve been incredibly productive elsewhere, but…) and technically I haven’t written one today. 630 more words

The Daily Rant

Why you gotta be so rude?

So who has heard the song Rude by Magic?

It’s interesting how the young man takes the response of the father, telling him no you can’t marry my daughter. 861 more words


Money matters

I’m not really a materialistic person. I mean, I love a great pair of shoes just as much as the next girl. But when it comes down to it, I sincerely value the priceless things in life like family, friends, and health way more than the material items. 543 more words


What's a lady?

I remember cringing as I looked up from the church choir past the glistening stained glass grapes of differing shades, to represent the evolution of a person’s individual and spiritual walk with Christ throughout his or her life (truly beautiful, thought-provoking artistry), into the balcony only to see my then six-year-old daughter Sara sitting with her legs spread wide open with a beautiful Sunday dress on and motioning to her repeatedly to close her legs. 468 more words


HauteAngel supports Threads for Teens

Hey HauteAngel Readers!

YOU can help girls all over the country build their self-esteem and confidence with a new outfit and all you have to do is solve Hunts… it’s that easy! 134 more words

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