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An decade-old movie I'd never before seen before & my method on homework

Today I saw, for the first time ever, this movie called ‘Vanilla Sky’ starring Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz and more. I’d only heard it casually mentioned by my dad like a year ago, and I’d seen a few minutes here and there when it would come on TV back home. 424 more words

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Free Weekend and more football

My roommate has gone home for the weekend, and I have the room to myself and it is football weekend! Not like the latter matters at all to me, it is as I have described before, another American mystery. 456 more words

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The proper order....

You have heard it said; “I will come to church when I clean up my life” or “I need to change a few things first” etc.  323 more words

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Jesus is Better

In what ways is Jesus better than what came before?

Adam named the creatures, but Jesus made the creatures.
Abraham fathered many nations, but Jesus is Lord of nations. 88 more words

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Working Days & Walking in the night...

Today I worked a 3.25 hour shift at my job! (I know, I know… Its like a teen celebrating his first shaves ever. I get it) and I loved it. 411 more words

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere & Back to Work

The Walking Dead Season 5 opened up with a great premiere. Without any spoilers, I can tell you that it was the first episode ever to have resolved a conflict over a place in such a short span of time. 401 more words

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How immorality affects individual believers

We distance ourselves from the faith to the extent it interferes with our passions.

College students who participate in fornication , report declining interest in religion and religious services, according to a new study by Pennsylvania State University. 200 more words

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