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Nearly Working Class & Scheduling

One of my cousins is living a career-led life in a Tier 1 city, and when I visited her and stayed with her for a few days, I realised how monotonous her schedule seemed (if her schedule was a sound, since monotony usually refers to sounds and I don’t why it is often used in contexts like these…), wake up pretty early in the morning, go to work, start back at like 8 PM, reach home at like 9, eat dinner and watch TV for like half an hour and go to sleep and next morning it all starts again. 453 more words

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A Little Lunar Essence 17 September 2014: The Need to Feel Secure

Noon Pacific time the Cancer Moon creates a Grand Trine with Chiron and Ceres. Emotions and sensitivity (especially that keyed to hurt) run high; issues of authority or territory may drive tension and force emotional displays. 276 more words

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A Co-incidental Reminder & An Interesting piece of Info from class.

Today was, without a doubt, a great day for me! First we had Physics Lecture, in which we had the weekly MCQ quiz… which I GOT RIGHT! 720 more words

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Emotion Control / Self Control

From Rachel at the Femina Blog:

It might be easy to consider self control as pertaining only to actions – like you didn’t eat that brownie, so you exercised self control. 449 more words

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Real Work & The End Of GWT/Procrastination

Monday: everybody’s worst day and not surprisingly, mine too. Lots of homework and reading had to be completed this evening. Math was especially excruciating for 2 reasons on 2 levels. 260 more words

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Assignments & Late Sundown

So I thought I’d take a bit of time and write about the current academic situation, which is after all the primary reason I’m ten thousand miles away from home (I don’t know if it is that long, but I love the effect the word ‘ten thousand’ has!). 311 more words

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Just a Little AstroEssence + the Daily Word Image 14 September 2014: Feel It, Say It

14 September what we’ve learned from the past can guide us in adjusting our priorities now; if we don’t use some sort of guideline we run the risk of engaging in erratic, disruptive behavior that risks fouling our own ambitions and desires. 232 more words

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