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Exam Day!

So I finished my Math mid term today, and I have quite a bit to write about it. First off, the most pressing question that might be on your mind: How did I do? 539 more words

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Exam preparation & Different Exams!

Tomorrow is my Math 1A Mid Term!! Sounds terrifying doesn’t it? However in this piece wherein I’m reasonably sure you will judge me to be boastful (I assure you that is not my intention, I spent most of high school on the masquerade), I will present nothing but facts. 555 more words

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First Football Game!

So I got to see my very first football (not soccer) game! I didn’t understand much and I still don’t, but it was an interesting sight to witness the crazy crowds cheering the team, booing the opposition unreasonably. 415 more words

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Educating worldview

@kathybaptist: “The one who controls the education system now controls the worldview of the future”

The shame of this statement is that the truth should be: … 68 more words

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Third Person Perspective on the First Party

So today I went out to my first party! Sounds good right? Well my experience is not what you think. I just went for a brief amount of time to see how it is and what goes on;plus I abstain from drinking completely, so don’t expect some fun story here. 471 more words

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A rather unnecessary post...

Well, it is the end of Thursday, which means the good old Friday is coming which means that there is nothing much going on for me except finishing up some assignments, watching some TV shows (not for too long, mind you. 66 more words

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Example of scripture meditation

From the Desiring God Labs:  Look at the Book program

Luke 12:32 – Fear not Little Flock 7 more words

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