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TDKR: The conclusion we need, but not the one we deserve

I like The Dark Knight Rises the most in The Dark Knight trilogy, but I seem to be alone in this opinion. After the film’s release, many were quick to point out its loopholes with the… 598 more words


The Dark Knight Rises

What can I say about The Dark Knight Rises? I can say it is very full of action. Very nice. I can say it is very full of Christian Bale. 493 more words


WTFAW: Batman

Ladies and Gentlemen, today’s subject (as if the title wasn’t enough of an indication) is about Batman.

obviously, with how popular Batman is, some people have come up with theories about him. 1,026 more words


Response: "I'm back!" Welcome Back

TheBatmaan (if you’ve forgotten who he is, go check out the about page) has spoken: I’m back!.

A few points to TheBatmaan on his rising: 311 more words


Studying Utility Belt

Ear plugs


Four colour pen



What’s in yours?


Deconstructing Nolan: Intro

I don’t think I like Christopher Nolan anymore.

It’s a realization that has been slow coming over his past few films.  I used to love the guy.   926 more words


Birdman and Budapest: The Fall Rewind, Part 1

Here’s how I spent the last three months of the year, checking out some celebrated new releases and revisiting some old favorites. 1,736 more words

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