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I watched The Dark Knight Rises

Okay, it’s nowhere near as brilliant as The Dark Knight, but it was never going to be. And it’s odd choppy pace (jumping over months of story time, for example) is less of a bother in repeat viewings. 34 more words


The Amanuensis' Playlist - Soundtracks that Provide An Out of Body Experience

Test Drive – How To Train Your Dragon

Theme Song – Howl’s Moving Castle 

Moonshine – The Grand Budapest Hotel

Beethoven Symphony No. 7 – The King’s Speech 

Rise – The Dark Knight Rises

Procrastination Corner

The Dark knight rises ending speculation did bruce really live

I think that its possible that that Bruce  Wayne died at the end of the dark knight rises When he goes off and flys the bomb away from the city he is still in the bat with 5 seconds left on the clock even if he did manage to get out of the bat he still wouldn’t have escaped the blastradius. 135 more words

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Who played Batman the Best: Part IV.

With my interaction with fans on the internet I have come to see that Christian Bale’s performance as Batman is by far the favorite. There are many who also prefer Michael Keaton as Batman but Bale does seem the big favorite. 398 more words

Captain's Log...

Pros and cons of the dark knight rises

I liked the Dark knight rises it was a good movie. but im am going to discuss the pros and cons of the dark knight rises. 288 more words

Comic Booknewsandrumers

Get a Good Look at Batffleck's New Batmobile!

This Batmobile image, released from the set of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, is stunning. It appears to me, no matter how not great the footage I have been seeing from this movie appears, I am always saved by the sweet Batman news. 153 more words


Civilizational Apocalypse in The Dark Knight Rises

Revolution and the overthrow of all the reigning structures of power and governance is one of the great fantasies of the post-industrial individual. We all want  to do it. 2,289 more words