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My Favorite Movies

Whenever I am talking to friends or family, it always seems as if they end up asking me what my favorite movies are. Being a lover of movies, it is extremely hard for me to create a “Top 10” list and even harder to pick a stand alone favorite. 1,732 more words


Joker Appeal

What makes the Joker the most recognizable and popular super villain in American folklore? Technically he’s not even a “super” villain, just a human with no powers or altered abilities. 501 more words

Be The Coolest Geeky Parent On The Block With The Batmobile Baby Stroller

So, want to be the coolest geeky/nerdy parents on the block?  The YouTube channel  AWE me made the Batmobile Baby Stroller!  That’s right!  It’s a baby stroller tricked out to be like the Batmobile you see in the movies!   94 more words

Geeks And Nerds

Have You Seen the Trailer for Fant4Stic? It Was So...meh...

So the trailer for the reboot of the Fantastic 4 franchise released today! I saw it myself and the first thing I thought to myself. Wow, it looks a lot like… 102 more words


Film: Guillermo Grispo brings us Batman in all his glory

Film: Guillermo Grispo brings us Batman in all his glory

Guillermo Grispo, stunt co-ordinator for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, has teased the epic size and scale of the 2016 superhero face-off but has seemingly angered many Nolan fan boys. 317 more words


The Dark Knight Returns

 Dark Knight Returns is one of the books that seems to be on everyone’s short list of must read Batman stories. Everything about an older retired Batman coming back to take down the criminal low life that spawned up once he went away sounds awesome. 1,311 more words