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False Idols

False idols are everywhere. Sure, it can bring some comfort to have mountains of money, a comfortable life, power, control, designer clothing, organic food…and whatever else. 552 more words


The Dark Side of Money

Nice, easy-to-understand three-part documentary on the current banking/monetary/economic system we currently have:

Watch the other two parts on the ‘Documentary HD’ channel:

State Of The World

The straw that broke etc?

The widow of a Camel smoker has managed to see her way to an award of 20-odd billion dollars – because RJ Reynolds didn’t ensure he knew that their product could endanger his health. 152 more words

Chips On Shoulders

So let's get to it...

The dark, the funny, the lonely life of me….

Well hell…that has been it all baby. In all shapes and sizes. You see I started out as a quiet, shy straight A student. 372 more words


O tempora, o mores!

I suppose it was inevitable that as soon as the man on the Clapham routemaster was equipped with electronic extensions to his consciousness and spent the journey to work playing with them, the world of politics would be turned upside-down. 107 more words


Excuse me for my unorganized thoughts

But I really like to believe that I have multiple personalities. No, I am not diagnosed with MPD but I was drowned in the idea of being someone else in the form of myself.   178 more words