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Official Red Band and Green Band Trailers for "The Dead 2" Released

After the release of The Dead, many fans of the zombie genre praised the film for attempting something new in the far-too-crowded pool of undead films. 111 more words


Back Down

That tunnel inside
the air we cannot
see is not invisible.
It slides beneath
our measure,
as if it knows we
do not see things… 116 more words


4th Annual Grateful Dead Meet-Up WHERE?

 First the official description, then mine of the Show in Germantown Md

4th Annual Grateful Dead Meet-Up At The Movies – Beat Club 4/21/72

We’re brimmin’ with Bremen over at Dead.net! 1,942 more words

Sherry Carroll

The Deepest Crimson

I find myself a bit awed by the response to my last piece here.  It’s certainly heartwarming to learn that several thousand people are willing to read what a queer anarchist polytheist druid has to say about being gay at a Christian college.  621 more words


EUROPE NEWS Concern Grows Over Rebel Hold on Malaysia Airlines Crash Site in Ukraine

Meanwhile UK’s Prime Minister is furious and is winding up the rest of Europe and the EU to go after Russia. The Dutch are furious over the manhandling of their dead on flight 17 and the bodies are still in the same places they fell, it’s been three days in the Summer and the stench is unbearable. 1,523 more words

Just Saying

The Gene Pool: The Literature Edition

Every now and then I like to sum up a few genealogy-related items I’ve come across in pop culture. I call it The Gene Pool… 489 more words