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What's been happening in March?

Some might say it’s foolhardy to be writing a blog on the 1st of April but hey ho this is being posted after midday so believe what you will! 273 more words

The Derby - Chapter IV

Serge pushed Barry in the back. The round little badger kept leaning back and stepping on Serge’s toes. To be fair there wasn’t much room in the wood, and they needed to stay low in case they were spotted. 3,541 more words

The Derby

The Derby - Chapter III

Lady Daisy looked out of her stable and saw Benjy the horse labouring across the race course with something on his back. She couldn’t quite see, he was too far away, but there was definitely something on his back. 1,504 more words

The Derby

The Derby - Chapter II

Everyone thought Eddie was a grumpy old bird as he didn’t talk much. He generally just sat and watched everything that was going on. But he was a good sort was Eddie, it was just he wasn’t used to being around others that much, being a solitary predatory bird and all that. 2,833 more words

The Derby

The Derby - Chapter I

When Benjy the horse eats all of Serge the Squirrel’s nuts he needs to come up with a plan to pay the angry French rodent back. 2,664 more words

The Derby