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Messages from the other side!

Another day another queue of spam comments to delete. But wait . . . today is different. Today:


I’ve suddenly realised the weird links, the gobbledygook, the dodgy looking articles and web pages mentioned by the spammers are not spam; they’re messages from the Devil. 670 more words

Literary Sketches

Florida Children Now Free to Hail Satan at School

Ah, Florida, the most reasonable state in the union! Isn’t it amazing how no interesting news stories ever come out of “America’s Wang”? How all you ever hear is that Florida is a peaceful paradise, full of wetlands and theme parks and old people? 266 more words

There's a Light Thats Going Out, And It Ain't Gonna Come Back On.

At night sitting in my living room, I slowly swirl the liquid painkiller in this glass as though I were a scientist with a petri dish… 263 more words

The dance with The Devil - Mawang

For years Mawang / 마왕 (also callaed The Devil/Lucifer but I prefer the romanized Korean title) was my favourite drama. Nothing I watched, no matter how good, was able to surpass it. 1,375 more words


At Least The Devil Saved A Ton Of Money

I sighed and turned off the television in disgust.

“Aren’t we going to watch the Yankees?” The Devil asked in confusion from his end of the couch. 396 more words


Theatrum Diabolorum!

Check out the latest edition of seinundwerden, Theatrum Diabolorum here:


This issue features the Clockhouse London Writers’ story The Clockhouse Players Present, which includes my own contribution, featuring the Devil himself! 9 more words

Flash Fiction