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Burning Light by Gaby Derya

the devil tried to steal my heart
in the darkest midnight hour he came
he stared at me he wanted the part
of my heart to burn it in his flame… 53 more words


The XX Factor

My first official writing job on a TV series was brought to me by the letter ‘X’. Specifically, the letter ‘X’ without the letter ‘Y’. 917 more words

Mustard Seed Faith

I’ve always struggled with the idea of faith. What is it to begin with? Is it something that we find small at first, and then watch it grow? 341 more words


Humans – no more than parasites

140729 Humans – no more than parasites

After a few decades observing Human Beings, as a puppet of the world’s most deluded religious cult – the Theosophical Society – so invested in exploring our ‘souls’ which is but a romantic word for ‘the mind’, and being led to having very pro-environmental beliefs, and views, it’s an unquestionable fatc to me now, that we are nothing more than highly developed, highly evolved parasites. 1,749 more words

Beneath your cloak off despair.

Shadow whisperer of the ungodly hour,
This soul you cannot devour.
Look deep inside what is there,
And see i have partied at the devils lair. 69 more words

Creative Writing

A Grimm Review: The Devil is an Idiot

A Grimm Review: The Devil is an Idiot

Cunning is a word that can be associated with the Devil, if you believe in such a thing. 830 more words


Your Cards: July 28th – August 3rd

Here are your cards for the week of July 28th – August 3rd.

The deep crimson landscape of The Devil stretches out in front of you for the beginning of this week. 520 more words

Your Cards