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Is it funny to mock momentous, terrible historical events, or is it bad taste?

All over the world terrible historical events have been mocked, regardless if it offends, upsets or angers people. This has been in the form of books, articles, chat shows, TV shows, music and even films. 1,318 more words


Film Review: The Dictator

Stretching the definition of culture to breaking point, The Dictator is a thoroughly forgettable comedy offering. Safely tasteless and offering regular low rate laughs, The Dictator  40 more words


The Dictator (Review)

The Sixth Form Journal, 9th October 2014

In light of the recent developments in the Middle East, editor Tony Diver re-reviews ‘The Dictator’ for its political accuracy (and humour). 829 more words

The Sixth Form Journal

Movie Review - The Dictator

Even though The Dictator didn’t turn out to be half as funny as The Borat it still was a decent time pass. There is a definition for cult movies, “The movie was so bad that I loved it.” Sacha Baron Cohens movies come under that category. 261 more words

Movie Review