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the stuff of dreams

In my dream, I am in a vibrant learning center, like the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Healing or the avant-garde middle school of my youth–spherically shaped with large open spaces. 401 more words


circles of feminine wisdom

Paper doll cut outs with personal messages on the back are a great way for women to share their wisdom with one another. I recently had all my guests at a birthday afternoon tea do this for me. 71 more words


life is like that...

I wake up thinking about Kelsey.
She was my son’s favorite swimming teacher at the community pool.

Beyond her competency and kindness, I remember particularly liking her name because it combined both mine and my husband’s names–Kelly & Casey–which would have been the perfect name for our own daughter, if we had one, and if that name hadn’t already been a favorite of the man I loved before my husband. 379 more words


Coming in 2015

The Journey of the Voice

via: Writing through the Chakras

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Life Purpose Path

Farewell 2014

Sitting vigil with the last hours of 2014.

Excavating insights buried in life’s busyness before the year passes.


You know how guys typically want to solve a problem rather than listen to it? 321 more words


Looking to the Heart

There are many ways we can keep ourselves disconnected from the whole, but one of the most important ways to stay connected is through our heart connection and the intuitive guidance it can give us. 1,708 more words

Inner / Outer