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The "Doctor Who" Feels

I entered my sister’s classroom. She looked at me then looked away. Then, my sister’s friend asked for my USB. I gave it to him before I asked why he needed it. 355 more words


Written by Stephen Moffat

Directed by Douglas Mackinnon

Starring:  Peter Capaldi (The Doctor); Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald); Samuel Anderson (Danny Pink/Colonel Orson Pink);  Roger Goodman (Reg, the Night Watchman) & Remi Gooding (young Rupert “Danny” Pink) 2,144 more words

Beginning Doctor Who

As someone who tries to go through as much different content as possible, Doctor Who was one of those shows I was always meaning to get to. 626 more words


Coffee & Flowers: Thoughts on Imagination & Written Word

I’ve just gotten into watching Dr. Who (beginning with the reboot–I don’t have the patience, or the disk space to begin with the older episodes) recently and the incredible imagination with which that series was crafted has had me buzzing. 842 more words


Doctor Who Listen Review


Review by Paul Bowler

Clara continues to balance her everyday life as a teacher with her time travelling adventures with the Doctor in the TARDIS. 1,795 more words