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‘Doctor Who’ Cosplay: How to Dress Like Missy

Michelle Gomez as Missy and Peter Capaldi as the Doctor (Pic: BBC)

One of the best things about the arrival of Michelle Gomez as Missy in Doctor Who is there’s another character with a totally identifiable look that you could spot from a mile off. 578 more words

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5 Sticks of Celery

Celery, the choice vegetable of the 5th Doctor, but funnily enough the 5th man, Peter Davison is not particularly fond of celery.

The celery was supposed to point out a gas he was allergic too, but we know it was an excuse for him trying to start a new fashion trend that never was going to kick off.

Doctor Who 2014 Christmas special: Last Christmas - interview quotes

The Doctor and Clara face their last Christmas. Trapped on an arctic base, under attack from terrifying creatures, who are you going to call? Santa Claus! 1,133 more words

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"Cool [Who] Kids" by Echosmith ✮ (Doctor Who Style Lyrics)

I remember life without Doctor Who; my life was so Tardis blue,
Then someone came and opened the doors, with the snap of their fingers… 338 more words

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Doctor Who: Looking Back at Season 8

So THAT’S what a complete season in one go feels like. Huh. Season 8, Capaldi’s first,  has come and gone in a (sometimes controversial) whirl. 2,946 more words


Gaiman Capaldi

Ever since his debut with The Doctor’s Wife back in 2011, each new series of Doctor Who has been preceded by the question of whether sci-fi and fantasy writer Neil Gaiman will be writing an episode. 377 more words

The Colonel Returns in 2015

Nicholas Courtney’s Birthday recently passed.


Yes, you read that headline right! Forget CyberBrig, the legendary Lethbridge-Stewart is back in a new series of novels set after The Web of Fear, written by authors Andy Frankham-Allen, Lance Parkin, David A McIntee and Nick Walters. 960 more words