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Uncovered: A Love Letter

The PleasureTown Historical Society uncovered a love letter, written by The Doctor.. 

My dear, my heart, my Little Sparrow,

For some time now we have behaved as two criminals, ducking into shadows and stealing away not gold or jewels but hours – sometimes only minutes. 357 more words

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For No Reason At All Weeping Angel Post

Because Halloween isn’t that far off and these scare the crap out of me:

The Doctor

My Top Ten Doctor Who Themes PART I

A lot of shows have great theme songs, but Doctor Who has one of the best in my opinion. There have been many versions of the Doctor Who theme because of the wonders of technology and talented composers. 752 more words

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Grow up, will you?

People keep telling me to grow up.
It baffles me that they do so. I am 40 years old, married, own a house (Well, part of it. 449 more words

'Who Anew' An Introduction

Right, so I’ve been flushed down a creative toilet the last few months and my brain needs something of a jump start, so what the heck, why not review every episode of modern Doctor Who?  203 more words

Doctor Who

Review: Doctor Who: Season 8- "Mummy on the Orient Express"

There have been many trains to use the name ‘Orient Express’…but only one in space! The Doctor and Clara find themselves aboard an intergalactic locomotive with an ancient evil killing those who gaze upon it. 1,090 more words