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The Takeover Begins!

Doctor Who Takeover Week: All the Details

Whovians, Doctor Who premiere week just got a whole lot more… Whovian. Here’s what you need to know: 365 more words

Doctor Who: Slitheen - The Green, the Good and the Ugly (Whovember #9: )


The first retrospective of the new series finds the lonely Ninth Doctor on his short travels. In particular, a look at his complete adventures involving the new series first recurring villains. 3,693 more words


The Doctor and Agatha Christie

On December 3, 1926 a Morris Cowley car was found by a lake near Guildford, England. Inside the car was an expired driver’s license and clothes. 576 more words


Thirty Days of Doctor Who Day 8

What’s your favorite Doctor Who audio adventure?

I haven’t gotten a chance to read a lot of these yet, but my favorite so far is “The Stone Rose,” and Rose/Ten story. 33 more words

Thirty Days of Doctor Who Day 7

Take a selfie in front of the Tardis.

So, this technically isn’t a selfie, but when I tried to take one, you couldn’t really tell it was a Tardis. 22 more words

The Age of Capaldi

On the newsstands Tomorrow: ‘ Nuff said…

Linkin’ Hump Day - Digital Prints & Lace Skirts Galore

With so much fascinating content out on the web, my browsing habits have been ridiculously time consuming. Instead of building a decent stock portfolio or watching Dr. 126 more words