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There’s a storm brewing...

Living in Panama we are not averse to the odd thunder storm. With our dogs it seems to be as they get older they get more scared. 99 more words

A Former 'Dog Whisperer' Employee Is Suing Because She Got Trampled By A Rogue Llama

A former employee of Cesar Millan, best known as the star of Nat Geo’s The Dog Whisperer, has filed a lawsuit in L.A. County for wrongful termination and animal cruelty. 212 more words


The clever one

Look who came to visit us at the office today!

Here at Doggie Journal we don’t discriminate, we love all creatures great and small. While at first thinking he was a potential snack, Sparky soon realized he meant no harm and was just passing though. 350 more words

Meeting New Dogs

On July 3, I took my son with me to clean yards in the afternoon. I thought it would be safe enough for him since I had already cleaned Tiger’s yard earlier that day. 510 more words


Dog and Butterfly

I used to love listening to “Heart” and this is one of their songs from 1978. Apparently Ann had watched her sheepdog chasing a butterfly. Buri is more likely to be chasing one of the cats, but when we went out into the garden today to give his coat a chance to dry a bit more naturally, there was a beautiful butterfly fluttering around the lavender. 635 more words