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Waiting for the sun

At first flash of Eden, we race down to the sea.
Standing there on freedom’s shore.
Waiting for the sun
Waiting for the sun
Waiting for the sun. 110 more words


series rockstars no. 1: a poem i wished i wrote/a song i wished i sang

Please believe me 
The river told me 
Very softly 
Want you to hold me, ooo 

Free fall flow, river flow 
On and on it goes  138 more words

Jim Morrison

Hey now, we've got to make it rain somehow

I may be a never-saw-a-woman-so-alone, but with the birds I share this lonely view

my favorite songs

I’m sorry if you we’re thinking I would steal your fire.

You're lost, little girl

You’re lost little girl

You’re lost
Tell me who
Are you?

“You’re Lost Little Girl” ~ The Doors


4OCS: Earth Day 2014 , Song of the Day: " When the Music's Over"

What have they done to the earth? 
What have they done to our fair sister? 
Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her 
Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn  13 more words


People are Strange, When You're a Stranger

Note: My sincerest apologies! I wasn’t able to post last week because of it being the crazy time of the semester. I had one paper due and two exams all on the same day. 496 more words