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When You're Strange

Easily the best Doors documentary out there, this uses nothing but old footage and interviews (with exposition/narration from Depp) to tell the story of the band itself and not just the story of Jim. 73 more words

Enter Through the Doors of Perception.

The Doors- So much has been been written and recorded about this 1960′s American west coast band, that it is almost impossible to add anything new. 352 more words


The Doors

I’ve always had a love/hate thing going with this movie since it came out. I fucking adore this band and don’t get me wrong, it’s a great film but a simply shite biopic (as my years of reading any book about The Doors I can get my hands on leads me to believe anyway). 199 more words

Nirvana, Soundgarden, Katastrophy Wife, Hendrix and More... It's Record Store Day!

Inspired initially by Free Comic Book Day, the now-annual institution of Record Store Day takes place this 19th April in various countries. Record Store Day 2014, as was to be expected, already has a bunch of interesting releases in store (or literally IN… 688 more words

The Doors

Aww… The Doors. Brings back memories. I was probably in elementary school when my brother would play their songs at night. I heard these specific song on my way home. Lovely <3


'Turn Blue' with 'Fever': The Black Keys' latest tracks!

Alright, even after over two years, I’ve far from had my fill with The Black Keys’ El Camino. One album that always boomerangs into my ever-changing playlist. 228 more words