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the mirror or the picture?

Do you ever think you look amazing one night and then look at a picture from said night and literally cringe at what you see?  I’m not talking about looking at a picture from the 80’s and wondering what you were thinking when you got that perm…  I’m talking about seeing yourself in the mirror one way and then seeing a picture of yourself in a completely different way.  205 more words

Tom Hardy

THE DROP Review - ***

The Drop has received surprisingly good reviews and is doing decent box-office for what it is, but it’s an extra-dramatic factor which inspires its most profound notoriety: it’s the final film role of James Gandolfini (and by a poignant coincidence, I saw the film on what would have been his 53rd birthday). 2,008 more words

2014 In Film

Box Office Friday: 'Maze Runner' Over $30M; Liam's Leisurely 'Walk' To $14M; 'Where I Leave You' Stays Put At No. 3

UPDATED, Saturday 7:30 AM: This morning, The Maze Runner is right in line with our estimates last night, given that we think today will be a strong moviegoing time for this YA offering from Fox. 1,482 more words


The Drop (review)

It’s All About the Dog!

The Drop is a crime suspense thriller starring Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace and James Gandolfini’s (his last film appearance.)  The film is based on Animal Rescue, a short short, written by Dennis Lehane.  411 more words

2014 Movie Reviews

Dog Rescuers Should Make "The Drop"

Is there a dog in this picture?

I don’t pretend to be a movie critic; I’m a chained-dog rescuer, a warrior for the rights of chained dogs, and often solely a paper pusher trying to keep a nonprofit animal rights organization afloat on any given day. 722 more words

Tom Hardy Carries The Drop

“There is no devil. I think some people die here and they go see God and he tells them no, you can’t come in. You will be alone…forever.”-Bob Saginowski… 709 more words

Film-Addict Pieces

The Drop (2014): The Most Complete, Well Paced Thriller In Years

Overall Rating: A

The camera’s constant, voyeuristic flow; the tension-setting tonality of the score; the healthy mix of rich dialogue, brief asides from the plot and revealing monologues; not to mention the telling aging of a puppy:  1,207 more words