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On Repeat: Deers - Bamboo

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of new music.

When I say ‘new’ I mean it in the sense that I’ve been on to a lot of new artists, but also that I’m becoming aware of artists I’ve never really given a try until recently. 182 more words


(n.) One who is passionate about music

January 22, 2015

I’m one of those people who are crazily infatuated with music. So ya, I find talking about music rather exciting. 321 more words

Days – The Drums

Born as “two losers” according to Pierce, Jacob Graham and Jonathan Pierce aren’t that anymore. With many success they are members of the band The Drums… 119 more words


Mixtape #1: Stuck In My Mind

I admittedly have a hard time letting things go. My mind tends to get stuck on one idea or memory and it stays. These songs remind me of certain feelings or events that have taken place, and, not surprisingly, they have been stuck in my head lately. 89 more words


10 of 14. (The ten greatest albums of 2014.)

F.O.M.O, Have you heard of it? it stands for fear of missing out, more to the point do you suffer from it? I do! I hate this constant flow of needless abbreviation, but this fear, if not the abbreviation is as healthy as it gets. 375 more words


Playlist of the Week: (Hypothetical) California Road Trip

Hello, again! I’m back again with another one of my playlists of the week! This week has been pretty dry and cold, so for one have been weighing the pros and cons of dropping everything for a road trip to sunny California. 408 more words


Summer 2010

So in response to the extreme cold weather back in Wisconsin, I’m going to start a theme this week to try to take your mind off of it. 56 more words