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I been eatin'

Seriously I haven’t stopped. But that’s okay because it’s 90% produce and fresh, local delectables and 10 % delicious #EEEEEATS and eating out.

First stop; THE DUTCH ….FINALLY. 417 more words


The Dutch Way: Tolerate it, Legalize it, Regulate it…

Unlike many of their neighbors, the Dutch are practical business minded people. Even during the middle ages, while everyone else was either too busy engaging in expansion wars or too focused on eradicating ethnic and religious minorities and combating society’s primal vices, the Dutch were taking a more “business oriented solution”. 183 more words


I’ve had to cancel two dates in the past week because I can’t keep the snot inside my skull, so while I’m totally free of commitments as a disgusting excuse for a human on my couch, chugging OJ and blowing through tissues like I can afford more than one box at a time, I thought now would be an opportune time to listen to some throwback Yeah Yeah Yeahs and chit-chat about my latest dating adventures: 436 more words

4th of July at The Dutch - Corn Dogs and Peach Pie

Happy Birthday America! Can’t believe you’re finally 2014 years old!


Here are some photos of the Ameridiculous cookout menu that was served at The Dutch… 72 more words

Eat This In NYC