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The Co-operative Group’s farms sale

Following up Cllr Howard Allen’s thoughts on the subject published earlier, feedback has come from Pete Riley, who was involved in assessing a bid for the Co-op’s fruit farm at Tillington, in Herefordshire. 201 more words

Co-operative News

Seralini Republished: Roundup-ready GMO maize causes serious health damage

By Oliver Tickell

Source: The Ecologist

A scientific study that identified serious health impacts on rats fed on ‘Roundup ready’ GMO maize has been republished following its controversial retraction under strong commercial pressure. 1,568 more words


The rise of 'small milk'

In contrast to the vast US-style ‘mega dairies’ appearing in parts of the UK, one Sussex biodynamic dairy farm says small-scale milk production can work, both sustainably and economically. 1,256 more words