Regime Change in Russia by Economic Warfare is Violation of Nuremberg

This week’s cover of The Economist, mouthpiece of the City of London, depicts a bear bleeding in the snow, headlined “Russia’s Wounded Economy.” Backed up by three pages of in-depth profiling of Russian economic weak points, the lead editorial serves to confirm Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s charge, that the purpose of the West’s economic sanctions against Russia is “regime change.” Speaking for a trans-Atlantic financial sector that is itself bankrupt, The Economist declares that Russia “is closer to crisis than the West or Vladimir Putin realize.” 1,546 more words

Stopping WW III

Discount supermarkets: Going native

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Discount supermarkets


Ireland's grocery market shows Lidl and Aldi still have far to grow across Europe

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Executive Action - Not Unconstitutional

In The Economist’s take on Obama’s recent executive action offering deportation deferral to undocumented immigrants, they point out that the president’s call for new immigration legislation is legitimate. 35 more words


Extra! Extra! You Should Really Read All About This

What’s up, Internet. Long time no write. I’ve been ramping up the motivation to get back into the grove of blogging and was finally inspired last night by some things I discovered via… 959 more words

Social Commentary

Castration, Campaigns and the US Senate Election

This month, Republicans seized control of the Senate in the United State’s mid-term elections.

In Iowa, the campaigning highlights were undoubtedly the videos made by Republican Joni-“pig castrator”-Ernst and Independent Bob-“blow your balls off”-Quast; with castration becoming a dominant theme in this election race. 380 more words

In Focus

We Are Innovation Because we are life artists

In our last post analysing innovation impact on society (The Disrupted Society) we talked about the new creativity that arises with diverted use of newly developed technologies. 300 more words