POTUS, Congress, and Foreign Policy: Should President Obama End the ISIS Fight if Congress is Not On Board?

As Ryan Barilleaux and Jewerl Maxwell stated in Tough Times for the President, “half a century ago, Aaron Wildavsky noted in “The Two Presidencies” that presidents are more likely to get their way from Congress in foreign affairs than in domestic policy, and that deference continues to apply and appeared throughout our case studies. 584 more words

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An aspiring Entrepreneur's response to The Economist's article: Entrepreneurs Anonymous

These days, my reading filters are accentuated when I read articles about startups, entrepreneurship, founder stories and the like.  So when The Economist, my favorite weekly journal, published  2,295 more words

Data privacy is unearthing advertising tricks, to the great benefit of consumers

Everything has already been said about whether or not banners are still an effective medium.

Though what should be taken out of this report is the natural transparency whose newspapers such as The Economist talk about advertising tricks. 101 more words


The Arrest Of A Russian Billionaire Does Not Bode Well For Russia's Economy

On September 16th 2014 Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the president and principal shareholder of AFK Sistema, was accused of money-laundering and placed under house arrest by a Moscow court. 1,192 more words


Cash Hoarding Is A $2.5 Trillion Problem In Asia

Japanese and South Korean firms are the world’s biggest cash-hoarders. This hurts their economies

THE odd thing about prudence is that too much of it can be deadly.Timid drivers crawling along a motorway create more risk than they avoid. 613 more words