The first of this week’s weekend reads comes from The Economist. The essay charts the history of five historical financial crises and shoes how aspects of today’s financial system originated. 96 more words

Weekend Read

Sunsets and Scientist (The Economist, Apr 8th, 2014)

Sunsets and Scientist (The Economist, Apr 8th, 2014)

​     > You can check the whole article here : http://econ.st/1n0k53B

POLLUTION plagued London last week and citizens were encouraged to stay inside.

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Hungary's controversial prime minister

On April 6th Orbán Viktor, a right-leaning politician who is part of the national conservative party called Fidesz, was elected prime minister of Hungary for the second time. 704 more words


The Economist declares that financial crises are due to…

The Economist surprised me this week. In a good way.

Over the past few years, the newspaper’s main rhetoric has been that the financial system needed to be more regulated. 558 more words

The Economist Illumination

I never really understood much about international finance and economics until this morning, when I read a special, long article in this week’s The Economist. In the printed edition, the text begins on page 49; it is entitled  383 more words

Homeschooling: A Tale of Three Countries/L'Instruction en Famille: Le Conte de Trois Pays

Homeschooling: the decision of parents to educate their children at home rather than sending them to public schools. Who could have imagined that homeschooling could be seen so differently from country to country? 2,380 more words