Are We Not Men?

While unavoidable personal circumstances have reduced the periodic percolation of new content on this blog to a mere unusual ooze, I will not insult you with any claim that I’m pursuing instead a plan to restore both Ukrainian unity and Wonder Woman’s starring role in the upcoming Avenger’s movie with a single email to Putin, cc’d to Joss Whedon (though this may well prove true with time). 95 more words


Interesting Sentences

A couple interesting sentences I’ve found over the last week.

First, from Thomas Piketty’s monumental Capital in the 21st Century:

“Progress toward economic and technological rationality need not imply progress toward democratic and meritocratic rationality.

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The Economist

The Economic Amoebae

When insight becomes scarce, The Economist writers coalesce into a single amoebic slug for the “benefit” of humanity.

The Daily Servant of Power

Today’s servant of power is:

The Economist

Taking a cue from Time magazine and their annual “Person of the Year” feature, today’s servant of power is not a single person but a group of people · a group of very shady people · who lurk in the shadows and refuse to show their faces and take accountability for their own writing. 325 more words

The Daily Servant of Power

Today’s servant of power is:

Christopher Hitchens

He rather command a military – any military – than have no influence at all.

The prophet Muhammad had many struggles when trying to spread his teachings.

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