Greece and the euro’s future: Go ahead, Angela, make my day

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Greece and the euro’s future


Syriza’s win could lead to Grexit, but it should lead to a better future for the euro … 171 more words

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Chart of the Day, 28 Jan 2015: Oil, Cornucopians, Peakists and Jeremy Grantham

The stunning collapse in oil and metal prices since last summer (see yesterday’s post) has brought the cornucopians and abundantites crawling out of the wood work. 524 more words

Peak Oil

Bringing dead economists back to life: Adam Smith on the financial crisis

Quantitative easing? Bah humbug!
TIRED of lightweights bickering over the financial crisis and its aftermath? Of economic upheaval becoming merely fodder for intellectually dishonest political campaigns? 204 more words

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The Economist on the threat from lese majeste

PPT noticed an article in The Economist  on lese majeste that is only available on its website.

Titled “The royal road to ruin,” it argues that the “strict lèse-majesté laws pose the gravest threat to free expression.” 44 more words