Buzludzha: Bulgaria's Elegant Monstrosity

Built When Communism Could Not Fail

That could never happen here. For example, the new Viking’s stadium: football will never go away.



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Monetary policy: Breaking the rules

AS UNPLEASANT as global economic conditions look just now we can at least be thankful that things aren’t anywhere near as bad as they were in 2009, to say nothing of 1931. 217 more words

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Rogue Urinals - Has the Art Market Gone Dada?

Critics tend to declare that Marcel Duchamp’s urinal, entitled “Fountain”, is the most important artwork of the 20th century. Yet its standing as a collectable object has always lagged behind its value as an idea. 65 more words

Sitting Or Standing

The third great wave

The third great wave  ( The Economist )

“When are you going to start your own company?”  ( Medium )

The Real Revolution in Online Education Isn’t MOOCs   133 more words

The Reckoning For Swiss Banks Is Far From Over

Raoul Weil has gone on trial for aiding tax evasion.

IN 2008 Bradley Birkenfeld, an American working for UBS, blew the whistle on the giant Swiss bank’s offshore operations, which had helped thousands of rich Americans to dodge their taxes. 758 more words


Why Democrats Aren't Boasting About Their Biggest Accomplishment

“MY INSURANCE was cancelled because of Obamacare. Now the out-of-pocket costs are so high, it’s unaffordable,” said Julie Boonstra, a cancer patient, in an ad attacking Gary Peters, a Democrat running for the Senate in Michigan. 722 more words