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The Final Foray (but only until next year!)

‘Twas the Sunday before Christmas

and all through the house

the children were running

because they’re on summer holidays and so full of excitement about Christmas and summer and no school, and it’s only the fourth day I’ve had them all home and I’m already counting down the days until they return to school. 520 more words

Fixing the economy

Abstract numbers on paper and coins. That is what the whole economic system boils down to. 243 more words


Beware Tory deception on welfare spending

As a UK taxpayer, I have recently received a letter from HMRC summarising my taxable income and tax deducted. On the reverse is a pie-chart showing how income tax and National Insurance contributions were spent in 2013-14. 140 more words

Green Comment

Climate of Fear XII.

What is the “price” of one ton of carbon-dioxide pollution emitted into the atmosphere? According to Obama administration economists, it is $37.[1] If you add that cost into the price of carbon, then market forces will nudge people to burn less carbon and will create a market for alternative energy sources. 522 more words

The Economy

Time Out Of Mind

Janet Yellen told the world that the falling price of oil was “like a tax cut” for the US consumer.

There was a time when the US was almost completely dependent on imported oil so that a price drop in crude had little effect on GDP, so that Ms Yellen’s claim would have been somewhat true. 67 more words


What Colleges Want Students To Believe

Hello! I am Penny Nickels, and I am a student financial representative here at Arvett University. I am here to serve you, the student, with your financial concerns. 824 more words