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Budgets matter

It must be difficult being a macroeconomic analyst in Venezuela.

Case in point: the country’s budget. We all know the government spends via the official budget, which gets approved via the legislative process, with all the trappings of a pseudo-democracy. 366 more words


Oil for the Lamps of China.

Half of the world’s easily available oil is in Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. That oil powered the great Western economic surge since the Second World War. 612 more words

The Economy

Shuffle the Deck and Deal.

The “recent unpleasantness” of the housing bubble and collapse has disguised a larger and more long-term movement. As economists never tire of pointing out, education is linked to prosperity—for both the individual and the community. 512 more words

The Economy

Why people still feel the economy stinks - Oct. 22, 2014

U.S. unemployment is down. Consumer confidence is up. Inflation is low.

Things are improving, yet Americans are still worried. The economy is voters’ top concern ahead of the midterm elections next month, ranking ahead of national security, according to a recent Politico poll. 423 more words


Bench Depress

As yesterday’s pitch blackness turns into cheerful dawn, our joggers pass by what appears to be a WWI “doughboy” sleeping on a park bench. The sight inspires Les (and Tom Batiuk) to launch another zinger about how “the Wall Street crowd”  (aka the “ 11 more words