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Value for Money in College Education

A Pew Research Center report from 2011 made two interesting points. First,” less than half of members of the general public agrees , with a majority saying either the federal or state government, private donors, or a combination of those should pick up the largest share of a student’s college tab.” Second, “nearly 60 percent of Americans say the U.S. 1,213 more words


America's Economic Woes

They’re inflicted on society by the Federal Government.

America hasn’t been ranked economically free for several years – we’re instead ranked as “mostly free”. When business taxes are regulations make it hard to do business, less business gets done.


Some political thoughts for today...

First, I know Scotland is having the big VOTE for independence today and I want to wish them luck.  I know a lot of respected economists are saying it isn’t a good idea BUT my heart says I hope they vote Yes and they can work out the details later.   257 more words

National Politics

The Tax Wars.

Should the rich pay their “fair share”? In 1992 there were three tax brackets: 15%, 28%, and 31%. In 1993 the Democrats created two additional tax brackets on higher incomes: 36% and 39.6%. 503 more words

The Economy

A matter of keeping your priorities straight

After tons of criticisms and complaints, CENCOEX – the replacement to currency distributor CADIVI – has finally received praise for doing things right on time. 91 more words