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Eggs on toast, over easy

Easy like a sunday morning by the Eels is on, only fitting accompaniment is eggs over easy. In keeping with the theme of things being easy, I selected to dine on my favourite chipped plate that has more character than some people I have been fortunate to cross paths with. 124 more words


Review: Daughters of Davis

Heard of Daughters of Davis? Up until a couple of weeks ago, neither had I. That could all change, thanks in large part to their current role as support for… 336 more words

Shane Morgan

Watch Steve Perry Explain His Return To The Stage After 20 Years

By Shannon Carlin

“Where have you been all this time?” It’s the question Steve Perry attempted to answer when he joined The Eels for a second time on Saturday night (May 31) at a show at Washington D.C.’s Lincoln Theatre. 304 more words


An Imperfect Mirror (Also, Some Of My Favourite Lyrics)

An Imperfect Mirror

As a songwriter, or someone who studies the use of language to shape or share emotion, there’s always something that inspires. Often enough, it’s something written by someone else as it is an emotion, a song, a movie, an occurrence. 2,068 more words


Eels didn't think Steve Perry's surprise performance would happen

Former Journey frontman Steve Perry surprised a crowd – and the rock band he was playing with – when he took the stage for the first time in 19 years. 532 more words