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Ruth Myles: Cosplay on parade at Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

If clothes make the man, then Shawn Trainor is a self-made warrior of the highest order.
The 27-year-old is dressed in an elaborate, incredibly detailed costume: deerskin jerkin, reinforced leather shin guards, wrist guards lined with leather and faced with rabbit fur, a metre-long sword, a horned helmet with nose guard. 774 more words


Skyrim Mod - Staves Of Skyrim

Staves of Skyrim adds 30 new staves into your game. They are added into the leveled list of enemy mages. This means that they will appear on other npcs that try to kill you so you can just loot them off of their corpses when you’re done. 225 more words


MY New Skyrim Character

I just created a new dark elf warrior. He’s also not too bad when it comes to casting spells. He’s an adventurer and he’ll never back down from a good quest. 318 more words


Skyrim Mod - Unique Uniques

Unique Uniques, no it’s not a typo, came to life when everyone realized how lazy Bethesda was with the “unique” weapons you can find in Skyrim. 186 more words


Skyrim Mod - BTRH Waifu

This is probably the weirdest name for a mod that I’ve ever seen. BTRH Waifu overhauls the vanilla Skyrim followers and make them prettier to look at. 159 more words


Skyrim Mod - Take Notes Review

Take notes allows you to carry around your own personal journal. The default hotkey for the journal is the X button. I already have a mod that uses that button so I changed it to the V button. 284 more words


Skyrim Shrine Of Azura Statue On Sale For $100

Two days ago Bethesda posted an article about the Shrine of Azura from Skyrim. You can actually buy the statue and put it up somewhere in your home. 136 more words

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