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The end (of the semester) is nigh

I’ve just realized that it’s almost the end of the semester. Tomorrow I my last day of my 120-hour practicum, which means that the end of the semester is nigh. 25 more words

The End Is Nigh

I'm Still Here For Another Year!

Well it’s my birthday tomorrow. Sorry I haven’t been writing a lot recently. Jotting down what you think and feel as you think and feel it is quite taxing it appears. 300 more words

A Raw Thought

Planet of the Plutocrats

A Review of The Coming Aristocracy: Education and the Future of Freedom

Review by K. Deva

I procured a copy of this book out of curiosity in regards to the books title – who and what was this new aristocracy of which the author was speaking? 937 more words


Dear Erin: Full of segues!

Little bears! Human-like finger prints! Eucalyptus!

Really? Little bears? I know you commented on this already, but need I remind you that Koalas are marsupials? Not bears.

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NASA Confirms the Obvious

According to a recent NASA-funded study, our civilization will collapse—as so many before ours have—unless major policy changes are enacted to address growing inequality, resource extraction, and consumption. 538 more words

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Pseudo-Elites (i.e Plutocrats) are going to destroy the world due to their own lack of foresight and inability to conceive of healthy alternatives.

Christians' Favourite Delusions 19: We're living in the End Times

The belief that things are worse now than they’ve ever been before, is, ironically, a conviction that has been around for a very long time. Every generation, it seems, has held the view that it was all so much better back in some ill-defined time in the past and the likes of today’s wickedness and degeneration has never before been seen. 490 more words


EU to prosecute and "re-educate" their citizens

So, basically if one should say something against gays, trans, feminists, islam and so on – an EU country will be obligated to prosecute that person by law and “re-educate” them.   19 more words