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What is Sustainability?

When I tell people I have a degree in sustainability, I almost always hear the same response. Occasionally, I will get a, “Thank you,” but it’s usually a polite smile a long with a, “Oh that’s nice…What is sustainability again?” 243 more words

Environmental concerns and the Meat Industry.

This post is meant to describe the changing sensibilities in the Western world regarding animal slaughter and the need to preserve the environment going forward. Today, “The number of animals slaughtered for food is increasing and their quality of life is diminishing” (Fitzgerald, 2) US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are the highest producing and consuming countries in the world. 288 more words

Why I Actually Side With The Govt Against Cliven Bundy

Those of you that follow my blogs will realize I don’t support the government in most of it’s actions. It’s usually over-reaching, over-bearing, and not constitutional as designed by the authors of the Constitution. 665 more words


In Search of the Miraculous

I am rereading PD Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous, which I first read some 40 years ago, and am experiencing the same response: I find the book now, as I found it then, thrilling and fascinating, and am convinced that its picture of the universe is true. 3,642 more words


My Dad is in the New York Times!


My Dad got a letter published in the New York Times today!  I am very proud of him.  His name is Donald A. Brown.  He has long spoken about the ethical problems concerning our response to climate change.   33 more words

As changeable as…

I live in a country with a climate described as temperate, but which can at times include the weather of all four seasons (plus a few more) within one day. 784 more words

The Environment

Fantastic Fungi

This morning I was moping around the house (as I usually do when it rains). Sick of being stuck inside I decided to take my camera out and make the most of my day of. 80 more words

The Environment