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Birds have an important role to play in man’s environment, and despite the fact that they are mostly undomesticated, they remain influential to man’s ecosystem.For my first post, I want to take a look at the laughing dove, … 548 more words


Say No To Fracking Under Our Homes.

Help protect your home, your health and our countryside, say NO to fracking.

The government are engaged in more covert underhanded schemes, this time they intend to change the law with regard to fracking under our homes without our permission despite the fact that the majority of us would not want this to happen and, given the choice, would deny permission. 1,161 more words


"The River of the Road to Buffaloe"

In 1806, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and other members of the “Corps of Discovery,” made their return from the West Coast of North America, over the Continental Divide, on their way back to Saint Louis. 318 more words

Fly Fishing

Good News? and Bad News About Pesticides in U.S. Waterways

In a New York Times article on September 12, 2014, Michael Wines reported the results of a study by the U.S. Geological Survey that collected data on pesticides from 1992 to 2011 at over 200 monitoring locations. 1,255 more words

Heart-centered Living

What Working on the Frontlines Looks like: Legislative Wins and Setbacks

Liberty Hill grantees have been advocating for legislation that addresses systemic injustices, often working in state and national coalitions. It is always our goal to keep our friends and partners abreast of legislative movement as it pertains to the fight on the frontlines.   890 more words

Poverty And Economic Justice

Tailings Ponds can be Remotely Monitored

With the advent of higher frequency satellite visits and higher resolution satellite images, tailings impoundment dams can be monitored remotely. These can include: optical, radar, shortwave infrared, and thermal data, which are currently available. 193 more words