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Eric Andre Took Over Conan's Show With His Own Insane Brand Of Comedy

We’re all pretty familiar with the crazy antics that emanate from Eric Andre’s show on Adult Swim. He even talked about it first hand with us last year, but it’s always nice for a refresher. 59 more words


All The Weed In The World Couldn't Have Prepared Wiz Khalifa For This Insane Eric Andre Interview

Everything went downhill shortly after Wiz Khalifa strutted on stage in his skinny jeans for his interview on The Eric Andre Show. Always the mellow guy, Wiz tries to smoke a J and be a good sport, but his facial expressions cannot hide the fact that he’s wondering how his publicist approved this one. 56 more words


Wiz Khalifa Experiences the Weirdest Interview of All Time on The Eric Andre Show

Okay, so we want to warn you that this video interview with Wiz Khalifa on the Eric Andre show involves a raccoon, a naked guy, weed, a fake George Clooney, socially offensive jokes, and…more weed. 26 more words


Eric Andre shares sneak peek at new episode, takes our Pop Culture Personality Test

Eric Andre stopped by to talk about the darkest moments in his pop culture past with EW. The host of Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show… 100 more words


Watch Killer Mike And Action Bronson Try To Rap Battle On Treadmills

Action Bronson and Killer Mike are two great MCs who are each trying to get in shape. The two went on “The Eric Andre Show… 32 more words


Killer Mike And Action Bronson Try To Freestyle On Treadmills And The Results Aren't Surprising

The above clip of Action Bronson and Killer Mike’s trying–and failing–to freestyle rap on treadmills for Adult Swim’s “The Eric Andre Show” is great. It’s great not just because it’s funny, the video’s main aim, but it works as an allegory in the following ways: 77 more words


Watch Action Bronson and Killer Mike's hilarious attempt to battle rap while on treadmills

Action Bronson’s a pretty busy guy these days, what with his tour de force of a culinary series, Fuck, That’s Delicious, and the prepping of his major label debut, … 158 more words