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Artist of the Internet: The Escapist

Coverage of video game media on the internet has become comparable to the 24/7 cable news media outlets. Websites conjure up much to fill the space and provide their audience with content to keep them coming back. 914 more words

Artists Of The Internet

The London Review: George Condo

Huge thanks to my friend Taylor Le Melle for sending me her favorites from Condo’s current London exhibitions. As always, he never fails!


The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Preemptive Retribution.

The fear of losing one’s place in the world can easily turn people abusive, willing to strike first so as to try and prevent their fears from ever manifesting. 841 more words

Suicide and Bullying: Can Video Games be a Lifeline? @ The Escapist

I talked to a number of game developers and a child psychologist about how video games can provide a lifeline for people who are being bullied or suffering other problems in their lives. 8 more words

Videogame Features

Familiarity in Game Publishing

Jim Sterling has a video up on The Escapist that is really interesting. It’s also below. If you don’t know or care about video games, maybe skip it because you might not understand the context. 870 more words

Self Publishing