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One of the most fascinating aspects of my work on bees is that I have become much more aware of the kinds of bees and other insects that appear in my garden. 127 more words

Daily Process

Pretty awesome green salad.

I thought I’d share this salad, although it doesn’t really have a recipe to speak of. As we’re going away I figured I’d try and use up most of our fresh vegetables in the fridge as I unfortunately can’t take my blender with me. 161 more words

The Everyday

So much to do. Not so much time.

So after all my bitching about Mr. Jackhammer outside my window, he’s been mysteriously absent since I published that post. This in turn has led to two things: 599 more words

The Everyday

more than enough

they caught my eye
there in the sunlight
as I walked by my dining room

reminded me of this quote

“At some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. 26 more words

Your body hears everything your mind says

About a month ago, I made a decision to try and get my health back on track. I’ve always been a very healthy eater and have always been conscious of what I was putting into my body. 889 more words

The Everyday

My new Best Friend: The Mini Crock-Pot

It’s an ingenious way of heating two baby bottles at once! When you have preemies you have to heat their bottles so that they spend less calories heating the food in their bellies. 103 more words

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Earning Your Stripes

It seems the people who were most excited, made the most promises of help and who were the biggest talkers about this pregnancy were also those that were least available after the babies came. 303 more words

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