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Thursday morning buffet

There’s always something to spoon onto your plate.

Georgia Football

"But that's history now and away we go."

It sounds like Steve Spurrier has settled on the “age ain’t nothin’ but a number” approach to deal with negativity on the recruiting trail.

Spurrier isn’t oblivious to the fact that his age is also being used against him in recruiting and that his statement back in December that he might be on the “two- to three-year plan” scared off some recruits.

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Today's Spurrier pearl

This is true.

Steve Spurrier: "Some day we're all going to have big, fancy beautiful facilities, and guess what? Somebody is still going to lose."

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Just because he's losing doesn't mean you're winning.

If South Carolina went 1-11, Spurrier would still be wise-assing it, as long as the one win was over Georgia.

Steve Spurrier: "Georgia probably has been most consistent team in East.

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Never gonna give it up.

Spurrier regrets 2-3 year comment. Should have stuck to 4-5 years.

— GamecockCentral.com (@GamecockCentral) December 17, 2014

Spurrier says He's back on the 4-5 plan. Tanner recommended adding another year to his contract.

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