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Your Spurrier thought for the day

This is kind of Urban Meyerish, with a twist:

Steve Spurrier opens weekly news conference with: "We are still and will always be embarrassed by our performance in the last game."— …

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Looking ahead

You had to think Spurrier was tuned in to ESPN last night.  He was.

Steve Spurrier: "You wonder how anybody is going to tackle (Todd Gurley) right now, but we'll worry about that next week."— …

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And we're officially underway with the 2014 season...

It’s not a visor toss, but the disgust still comes through.

SPURRIER'S DONE vine.co/v/Ml9lWP77KpB
SB Nation GIF (@SBNationGIF) August 28, 2014

In fairness, he’s got some reasons for that.

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Friday morning buffet

Tidbits to sample at week’s end…

Georgia Football

The snippy truth

Spurrier on scheduling, "playing East Carolina is probably tougher than playing one of those bottom tier Big Ten Teams,"—
William Gunter (@WillGunter560) August 03, 2014…

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Let the battle of wits begin.

Given Spurrier’s famously tolerant attitude towards the media, let’s just say I hope this has potential.

Today on ESPNU: @finebaum on Steve Spurrier: "I thought he showed pettiness yesterday in those interviews." …

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If Dabo didn't exist, the OBC would have to invent him.

Jesus, Dabo, talk about throwing a hanging curve…

Steve Spurrier on Dabo Swinney’s “He’s from Pluto, I’m from Mars” quote: “Dabo still thinks there are 9 planets out there"— …

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