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Thursday morning buffet

Plenty to enjoy today.

Georgia Football

Nobody throws Steve Spurrier's play sheets to the ground except for Steve Spurrier.

Because you asked for it, here’s Maty Mauk meeting the OBC on the sidelines.

Not exactly seeing Heisman Trophy-quality moves there, Coach.

The Evil Genius

Even for Spurrier, it's better to match wits when you win.

The OBC’s serve…

HBC on SEC high-scoring stats: "That's misleading … Most of these teams play somebody like Lamar."

— Gene Sapakoff (@Sapakoff) September 23, 2014…

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The Evil Genius

"We're not a very good team...and we have all the voters fooled, thinking we're pretty good, I guess cause we beat Georgia."

Give Spurrier credit – no matter how pissed off he might be about his team’s performance, he still manages to work Georgia into the conversation.

The Evil Genius

Steve Spurrier channels his inner Vince Dooley.

Spurdog reaches to find something nice to say about this week’s opponent.

“Vanderbilt, by the way, has scored I think two special teams scores already, two special teams touchdowns.

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The Evil Genius

Bill Connelly's measuring hell raisin'.

This is a pretty cool concept.

Havoc rate is a pretty simple method for looking at how much hell a defense is raising. Add up tackles for loss (which includes sacks), forced fumbles, and defensed passes (picks and break-ups), divide it by total plays, and voila: havoc rate.

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Georgia Football

Losing the chess match

One other thing Pruitt guessed wrong about last Saturday:

Several other defensive players, including Johnson, said the focus was on containing the outside, especially South Carolina’s screens.

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Georgia Football