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The "F" Word

“I listen to feminists and all these radical gals — most of them are failures….Feminists hate men. They’re sexist. They hate men — that’s their problem.” -Jerry Falwell, TV Minister…

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when harry met zoe

//// a romantic comedy that excels due to writing and performance

Megyn Kelly Drops The F Bomb as She Introduces Mike F*ckabee...uh...Huckabee

Mr. Huckabee took things well, cracking a smile.

Miss Megyn better watch herself if she has black civil rights leader Niger Ennis on her show. A slip of the tongue then could start a race war.

Pencil it in

Random finds to make up my Marc Jacobs obsession. Plus, they’re perfect for marc’in the calendar. And hey its where fashion starts; a simple sketch, notes  or a doodle.

The F Word

Say Cheeese!

Fancy some cheesecake? I did. For those with a sweet tooth or just a thing for desserts, you’ll understand what its like to have a craving, followed by the need to tend to it. 30 more words

The F Word

Larkin's Guide to Parenting

There are times in life when only poetry will do.  Philip Larkin expressed a lot of his frustrations through his poetry and I’m convinced there would be a lot less violent crime if potential criminals learned to express themselves through words instead of through fists and guns.   132 more words

Friends And Family

Followup to My Last Post

I have now watched the video referenced in my last post because several of my friends thought it worth posting so I thought I should see if they had a point.  444 more words