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don't be afraid of the f-word

There are plenty of things I dislike in this world. For example, I can’t stand when people call me “sweetie.” I also hate when people bring up thigh gaps. 227 more words

Queen Donut

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Day 11 - I almost missed it....

Well I almost missed posting this and am actually doing it  late (12:15 am). But today I was just happy for Friday, which may be cliche, but this has been a very long week! 13 more words

Why Feminism Is Still Important (or, why I hate the word "equalist")

Last night I was flipping through Margaret Atwood’s Wilderness Tips (which, by the way, is probably her best book of short stories). In the middle of… 1,118 more words

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The post below puts it a lot more eloquently than I could. It is well worth a read, and interesting food for thought. I have always felt that, for me, feminism is all about equality and I have tried to stress that it does not have to be aggressive or "man-bashing". Now, I'm going to think again. This post is a stark reminder that as opposed to simply toting the words  'equality' and 'equals' around, and despite the (supposedly) negative connotations of the label 'feminist' in many's eyes, the force of feminism is needed. (Yes, still.) I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this, as it seems to be hotly debated amongst feminists themselves. How do we define ourselves? What is the role of feminism today, and how should it be implemented within society? Why is feminism still important? Is it still a relevant label? The blog post below has some strong answers to these questions.

The best gift ever

Custom made button that my lady had made just for me…Isis you are awesome



There is a reason I haven’t written in a few weeks.  That new found ‘fight’ flopped; and flopped badly.  The day after I made that last post I woke up anxious and stressed.   416 more words

The F Word

My Favourite 'F' word!

I would have been a foul mouthed, cigarette totting, chai downing, beer guzzling advertising professional if not for my dad. I would have cussed my way through the day and dropped the ‘F’ word like it was going out of fashion right now! 84 more words