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What to do when your child uses the F word

I worry far too much about the damage I do to my daughter. Or maybe I don’t worry enough. Or maybe I worry in spite of the fact that the things I worry about won’t be the things she will spend her twenties (and thirties…maybe her fourties…even beyond?) carrying around with her and fighting to let go of and instead these will be some other thing I did to try to save her from myself. 556 more words


Michael Dowse and Zoe Kazan on breaking the ice with CanCon Rom-com The F Word

When Michael Dowse agreed to direct The F Word, he knew he needed to do more than make another rom-com. He needed cinematic rocket science, with the fuel of comedy igniting the spark of romance. 563 more words


'Hipsters look the same everywhere': Costume designer Lea Carlson on dressing for Toronto-set The F Word

The romantic comedy The F Word is set in Toronto and stars Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Adam Driver, Megan Park, Rafe Spall and Mackenzie Davis. Scenes have strains of Patrick Watson songs and the main pair both live and hang out in the east-end Leslieville neighbourhood, drink bottles of Fetzer red, gorge on Breyer’s ice cream and go to movies at the Royal Cinema. 765 more words


Canadian Pride: "WHAT IF"'s Meghan Heffern

For Canadian actors in the film and television industry, their options seem relatively clear-cut: work in the Canadian film scene, work on American projects shot in Canada, or move to the States to try and make a career in Hollywood. 929 more words


Daniel Radcliffe shares his F Word thoughts post Harry Potter (with video)

A focused Daniel Radcliffe responded to a sarcastic dig by Adam Driver but it’s nothing personal.

The actors were filming a scene from The F Word at a downtown Toronto house dressed up to look like a lived-in nook. 432 more words


Review: The F Word


Any romantic-comedy made since 1989 that concerns itself with whether men and women can be friends despite sexual tension is indebted to Nora Ephron. But rather than linger in the shadow of When Harry Met Sally, Michael Douse’s The F Word fashions its own unique niche in the, at times, over saturated rom-com canon.  876 more words


'What If' Review

By Will Ashton

Contrary to my fairly cynical nature, I am actually quite a big fan of the romantic comedy genre. That said, however, I don’t just love whatever movie features two attractive people falling for each other. 783 more words

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