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TIFF Movie Madness and Magic

It’s that time of year again, the time when there’s a different kind of buzz in Toronto and each day is filled with fan-frenzied expectation. The Toronto International Film Festival is back. 919 more words

In The Frame: What If (2014)

There’s a cold place in society where many have helplessly been found trapped and alone. Sometimes, after plucking up the courage to confess their true feelings, years of longing and suffering all amount to one devastating moment where one finds themselves in the inevasible “friend zone”. 643 more words


What If

An aptly named film all about the title. What if two people love each other? But what if they meet at the wrong time? What if your best friend can be your true love? 635 more words

Adam Driver

(TFW) Bra Burning: the concepts and constraints of underwear.

‘To any idiot who says, ‘You a feminist? Do you burn your bras, then, huh? HUR? You burn your bras, you feminist?’ you must reply, calmly, ‘Fool. 709 more words

Is It Good? The F Word

By: Daniel Reynolds

With so many new TV shows, movies, books and music coming out these days, sometimes staying culturally literate can be exhausting. To help sift through it all, we here at the Same Page will periodically take a look at some new bit of culture and ask the most important question: Is It Good? 1,071 more words


The F Word Review

The F Word (2014)

Dir: Michael Dowse

The best romantic comedies snap and crackle with the pop of witty dialogue and effervescent chemistry.  It’s a genre that has embraced and embodies many hoary clichés, yet can also transcend them when the right elements align.  615 more words


The F Word: A Crash Course in Feminism

Run for your lives! Sound the alarm; call Scotland Yard; release the hounds! She’s mentioned the F WORD! Holy Moley, cover the little one’s ears from this abominable filth! 330 more words