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Megyn Kelly Drops The F Bomb as She Introduces Mike F*ckabee...uh...Huckabee

Mr. Huckabee took things well, cracking a smile.

Miss Megyn better watch herself if she has black civil rights leader Niger Ennis on her show. A slip of the tongue then could start a race war.

Pencil it in

Random finds to make up my Marc Jacobs obsession. Plus, they’re perfect for marc’in the calendar. And hey its where fashion starts; a simple sketch, notes  or a doodle.

The F Word

Say Cheeese!

Fancy some cheesecake? I did. For those with a sweet tooth or just a thing for desserts, you’ll understand what its like to have a craving, followed by the need to tend to it. 30 more words

The F Word

Larkin's Guide to Parenting

There are times in life when only poetry will do.  Philip Larkin expressed a lot of his frustrations through his poetry and I’m convinced there would be a lot less violent crime if potential criminals learned to express themselves through words instead of through fists and guns.   132 more words

Friends And Family

Followup to My Last Post

I have now watched the video referenced in my last post because several of my friends thought it worth posting so I thought I should see if they had a point.  444 more words


The best of TIFF 2013

This article was previously published in The Silhouette.

There’s something magical about festival time in Toronto. The city is electric. Eleven days of non-stop buzz, red carpet premieres, glamour across the city, thousands of visitors from all over the world, paparazzi, bumping into celebrities and meeting people in ‘rush’ lines. 658 more words

Jacobs O'clock!

It’s evident that I’m obsessed with Marc Jacobs; I passed denial a long time ago; but now I’m approaching acceptance when it comes to my addiction with watches- yes, Marc Jacobs watches! 83 more words

The F Word