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O, what is this?
O, what have you done?
O, what you have done

Like the fellow who hung
There just beside you
Lived his whole life… 99 more words


He Shall Send From Heaven

Fear of Man besets me on all sides
I am guilty of flight
I have not found trust
and rest for my soul

Be merciful, be merciful to me… 79 more words

The Faith

prayer in commemoration of Hilary of Poitiers

O Lord our God, who raised up your servant Hilary to be a champion of the catholic faith: Keep us steadfast in that true faith which we professed at our baptism, that we may rejoice in having you for our Father, and may abide in your Son, in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit; who live and reign for ever and ever.

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“The Faith”:

Its fullness stands starkly before all the enemies of God.

Speaking by its presence, “You will never touch me”.

Though the storm may rage around he who abides with in this Faith, 165 more words


an Advent meditation: accepting mystery

Mary was a humble person, evident from the narrative of the gospels. She was betrothed or engaged to Joseph, himself also cut from the same cloth. 534 more words

Advert (II)

For a church event organised by some friends – “Živý Ruženec” means “living Rosary”, it involved standing round with candles saying the Rosary. Later, there was cake. 99 more words


an Advent mediation: God becoming one of us

The mystery of the Incarnation is well beyond our understanding as is the mystery of the faith. God became flesh in the sense of becoming human. 630 more words