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The Fear

The Fear

I have been watching a lot of Friends in my free time lately. It’s been years since I watched the six manhattenites navigate life in their oversized apartments, but I have missed them.

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Higher Education

Random Encounter No. 6 - The Taxi Driver

“Cha cha” we shouted “slowly slowly”.

The taxi driver couldn’t, or at least didn’t want to, hear us. It wasn’t surprising considering the volume of the contemporary¬† 286 more words


Sophie, She Wrote - On Ice!

Happy New Year!!

I know, I know, it is practically February. My sincerest apollos (again) for the lack of post so far this year.¬† I’m not very good at New Year’s Resolutions –¬†clearly. 1,036 more words


Well, that worked.

It seems that, upon deciding not to neglect this blog, I had a burst of creative energy. One kind of writing often seems to lead to another, and getting back to this, along with publicly admitting I’d been lax, really seemed to do the trick. 211 more words


My heart is too big

It’s far too big and there’s too much love in it that’s spilling out into the rest of my body. It’s too much not to love someone, it’s like a poison, slowly seeping from my heart into my bloodstream, killing me each day that goes past. 178 more words

The Fear - Jumping.

Tonight I had a bit of a moment. Tonight I experienced a little bit of the Fear again. The Fear for me? Jumping.

I realise that this may seem absurd coming from an ex-figure skater. 602 more words

Roller Derby


Not In My Generation. Often used by the ageing population, in reference to some new fandangle piece of technology they fear.