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The Fear - Jumping.

Tonight I had a bit of a moment. Tonight I experienced a little bit of the Fear again. The Fear for me? Jumping.

I realise that this may seem absurd coming from an ex-figure skater. 602 more words

Roller Derby


Not In My Generation. Often used by the ageing population, in reference to some new fandangle piece of technology they fear.



How scared can you get in three minutes? Answer: outrageously. And about a year ago, D.F. Sandberg came out with a short film to prove it. 207 more words


The Fear...

In 2008 Lily Allan released the song the Fear. Although this song came out around six years ago I believe that it is still relevant to our society today. 439 more words


Lily Allen + Fryars @ Centre - Brighton

Benjamin Fryars, better known as Fryars, opened for Lily Allen tonight and looked incredibly out of place amongst her 27 baby bottles, but this didn’t stop him from attempting to captivate the audience. 431 more words