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Obama's Fed Nominee, Who Was Busted And Quit For "Impropriety", Reports Up To $40 Million In Assets

Source: zerohedge

Three weeks ago, when reporting on Obama’s close personal friend and Bank of Hawaii “community banker” appointee to the Fed board, Allan Landon, we emphasized an apparently trivial data point that had somehow managed to slip through the background due diligence process. 144 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

The Sins of Central Banking

Bail ins.  Bail outs.  Financial repression.  NIRP,  ZIRP, and QE.  These are just a few of the puzzling terms one is confronted with in the course of reading financial journalism.  2,104 more words


Bigger Government and Stronger Banks

From Warfare to Welfare, the whole spectrum of government requires one thing, money.  The money loaned to the government, so it can continue to function, comes directly or indirectly from the FED, our central bank. 1,068 more words


DAVID MALPASS: The World’s Monetary Dead End

Wall Street Journal: The European Central Bank embraces quantitative easing despite the sorry track record of ‘helicopter money.’

Central banks in the U.S., Japan and Europe are trapped in a loop. 32 more words


Markets Restrain Bank Fraud, But Central Banks Enable It

Re-Blogged From Silver-Phoenix500.com – By Frank Shostak

Originally, paper money was not regarded as money but merely as a representation of a commodity (namely, gold). Various paper certificates represented claims on gold stored with the banks. 446 more words

GDP & Employment

Crowding Out

   By Bob Shapiro

Back in 1971-72, the Wall Street Journal ran a pair of editorials on how the government was crowding out the private sector. Back then, it was the “massive” official National Debt plus Unfunded Liabilities – together about $4 Trillion then compared to today approaching $250 Trillion. 610 more words

GDP & Employment