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Out Of Ammo, Velocity and Confidence Are Inverse

Source: Miles Franklin, by Bill Holter

It is being said today’s FOMC announcement is “the most important of Yellen’s tenure,” I could not disagree more. 390 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Socialism For The Rich, Cut Throat Capitalism For The Rest Of US

So, the Federal Reserve has delayed the Volcker Rule for two more years. What’s the Volcker Rule? I’m glad you asked, it’s a key element in Dodd-Frank that doesn’t allow banks to engage in proprietary trading with government insured funds. 76 more words



According to Mr Bernanke, the collapse of the housing bubble was “contained.” It wasn’t. According to Ms Yellen, the collapse of the commodity bubble is “transitory.” It isn’t.

These people are idiots.


Time Out Of Mind

Janet Yellen told the world that the falling price of oil was “like a tax cut” for the US consumer.

There was a time when the US was almost completely dependent on imported oil so that a price drop in crude had little effect on GDP, so that Ms Yellen’s claim would have been somewhat true. 67 more words


Where Money Comes From, Part 1

I decided to use the holiday season while news is slow and people are out spending money to write a little bit about our money and where it comes from. 1,039 more words


Was the U.S. Oil Boom Just Another Fed Inflated Bubble, and is it Contained?


The Peter Schiff Show Podcast – Episode 34 Actually oil was about 25$ per barrel in 2000 and bottomed out at $18 in 2001.

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence