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BoJ Doubles Down

The Bank of Japan overnight announced another large increase in its “quantitative easing” program in an implicit acknowledgement that even the previous, unprecedentedly large, program was failing to achieve its goal of 2% inflation. 136 more words


The Fed Finally Makes A Move

We spoke with CBS News Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger about the Fed’s most recent move. 32 more words

Heard On

Fear Of Falling

Prices, that is, otherwise known as deflation. This week’s Economist is full of angst about the apparent inability of the central banks to create the inflation that every good Keynesian knows is necessary to save the economy. 551 more words


Janet Yellen is greatly concerned

Janet Yellen is the current chairman…um, chairwoman…er, chairperson of the Federal Reserve System.  And Janet is “greatly concerned” about the rise in income inequality in the U.S… 1,402 more words


Alan Greenspan on gold


This is a short article on Alan Greenspan’s take on gold before his term as Fed Chairman and then afterwards. If only he might have been willing to stick to his beliefs, we might not be in the position that we find ourselves in today. 133 more words

Limited Government

How The Fed Blew Its Most Important Job For Over Three Years

Transparency, audits, regulatory powers and accountability; all these are necessary ingredients that we have to demand of our finance industry. We have the right to demand that our lawmakers hold Wall Street to a specific moral code because despite what the finance industry seems to think, they do not exist in a vacuum. 212 more words

'Too Big To Fail' Is Back—And Wall Street Says It's More Dangerous Than Ever

“I reject the narrative that the current state of affairs is simply the result of the actions of isolated rogue traders or a few bad actors within these firms. 921 more words