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A lesson from Stop Motion

Yesterday after singing our Good Friday service (sight singing as an alto, no less!) we went to Wendy’s hang out to eat and chat.  It was fun, awesome, and interesting as always.   559 more words

Check in, and a short piece.

Time once again for a check in. 

I have only accomplished a mere two thousand words on my current projects in the last ten days.  I could make excuses (the stomach virus going around school hit me hard, and I ended up in bed for four days, followed by a dreadful week at work), but I’m not going to do that.   1,129 more words

A little flash in the Pan, and five good books

Hello dear readers!

I’ve been plugging away at a whole host of writing related things this last week or so, including the first stages of the big edit for ‘The Duodeca project’, research, and planning pieces for my novel ‘The Finder’ (my HTTS project), two flash fiction vignettes,  and going back to work on another older novel: Super School. 821 more words

'The Finder'

Muse Bombs

I’m sure, dear reader, that most of us who are writers have a stash of partial manuscripts hiding in different places in our house (life, garage, files, you name it…).   713 more words