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Phoenix Risen

Love me like you would a Phoenix risen
I thought you’d made your decision
All this stopping and going
Induces that same sense of knowing… 740 more words


Drop and give me 20

I worked for an ex serviceman once and when he was bored he’d wander around the office saying “The bad thing about working with civvies is you can’t order them to drop and give you 20″. 308 more words



I’ve witnessed eternity, like few have
I recognised it at the first glance your way
I ignored what my soul was telling me
Still, it made sense, every feeling, every day… 225 more words


Word, After Declaration

word, after word, after declaration, after syllable
Spitting all over the unnecessarily cynical
flame throwing chatting abilities,
maintain my consistent rhythmic rhyming
ensuring repeated, fucking perfect timing… 383 more words


Universal Supernova

My fingers crave your beautiful flesh
Words held in my palms
Ready to scribe these Twiistd scriptures
Covering you in my words…

… Every inch… … 184 more words


Twiisting My Vision

My tongue tenses, resting on my set jaw
From images of pinning you on the floor
Sinking my teeth into your bare flesh
Running my tongue from your neck… 234 more words


POLL: Plugged or Unplugged?

The thing about Matt as a singer and musician is that he is very versatile. And the thing about many of Matt’s songs is that… 92 more words

Matt Cardle