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Zhush Up Your Moodle

Moodle is a very powerful Learning Management System, but it has always been a little clunky. It needs zhushing up! Luckily Moodle has the ability to embed content created using HTML, and this can go a long way towards allowing you to design your Moodle page if you have that inclination. 257 more words


Writing On PowerPoint - Creating Interactive Books

I am convinced that the way to turn boys on to writing is to play games. Research shows that boys who are judged in school to have reading ages well below their chronological ages are writing on games forums and fan sites at a level appropriate or even above where the school expects them to be. 357 more words

Blended Learning

The Digitally Dialogic Classroom

The Russian literary theorist, Mikhail Bakhtin has much to offer teachers who wish to transform their classrooms into places of lively debate where the voice of the student is heard rather than the monologue of the teacher. 786 more words


Flipping Back Again - The Flip-Flopped Classroom

One of the weaknesses of any pedagogy is that the moment it becomes routine, it starts losing its effectiveness. Lessons need to seem fresh and exciting. 515 more words


The Cornell Note Taking Strategy

Too often I have watched students take notes, either by mindlessly highlighting sections of a text, or jotting down seemingly random and unconnected ideas. Note taking strategies are perhaps one of the single-most important learning skills a teacher can pass on to a student, and the… 392 more words

Blended Learning