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Platform Agnosticism

One of the hardest decisions a teacher needs to make these days is which digital platform to use. For some, school districts or the school itself may have forced a decision by selecting a particular Learning Management System. 305 more words


Filming Discussions - the digital fish-bowl

There is nothing I enjoy more, as an English teacher, than a rousing discussion about a poem! In the past I have regularly used what I called poetry circles to encourage students to talk about poems, in a circle. 330 more words

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Differentiated Tasks and Flipping Foward

One benefit offered by technology is the ability to offer students differentiated tasks, and to administer this relatively painlessly! You can do this on Moodle by setting conditional statements, which release particular assignments to students based on performance on other assignments, and this can be very handy, but a bit of a nightmare to set up! 324 more words

Web 2.0 Tools

Holiday Projects - Learn To Code As A Family!

With the holidays fast approaching, I am filled with just a little dread. Not only will my wife trot out the DIY jobs jar, but, as a father of teenage boys I know that after a few mornings sleeping in, a few days of playing the new computer game, will come that moment when the inevitable question gets asked, “What can I do now?” 574 more words

The Flipped Classroom

Using VideoPad to Create Flipped Content

I like to get students to use VideoPad to create their own movies, but it is also a perfect tool for creating flipped content. One powerful way of presenting content is to use a slide of a diagram and to add your own talking head video in one corner. 467 more words

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Making Class Videos

One of the best free video-editing tools available is VideoPad. In the version I have you can add video files in pretty much any format, add audio files and stills to your movie, choose from a range of effects such as rotate and speed, add voice-over tracks, transition effects such as cross-fade, text overlays which can be static or scrolling, and even add another video using chroma key (green screen) or as an inset in the screen. 218 more words

Web 2.0 Tools

Zap it with Zaption!

I am always on the lookout for new free tools for creating content for Flipped learning, and Zaption seems to fit the bill quite nicely! You can add video clips that you have created, or that you have found online, and make a tour out of this sequence. 229 more words

The Flipped Classroom