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Caught Him Again

An infidelity friend asks,

“I’m at an all time low, but the last thing I want is for this to be an ending point to my marriage. 374 more words


Oubliette- The Fog

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The fog~by rldubour

The fog

The fog was so thick, nothing seemed right.

She should have stayed over until morning’s light.

She knew she was lost when she took that wrong turn. 287 more words


Need To Know? Or Let It Go?

An infidelity friend asks,

“How important is it to know the details of what my cheating spouse (CS) has been up to after our discovery day? 468 more words


The fog

Like a velvet glove

Soothing the harshness,

A soft and gentle touch

Silently rolling forward.

It touches nothing

But caresses everything,

A life of its own… 60 more words


Fogged-up mind

Fogged-up mind

A Critical Analysis on The Fog by Luis Cabalquinto

Luis Cabalquinto’s The Fog is a portrayal of the exploitation and abuse the lower middle-class Filipino is getting due to the social convention of being hospitable, even to the point of being gullible; worse is that they get mistreated without them knowing. 1,119 more words