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Movie Look: The Fountain

Short Summary: As a doctor’s wife is on the verge of death, he hunts for a cure to her illness using the “Tree of Life”, which leads to three intertwining stories about love, death, and all sorts of different genres.


The Fountain

This is a HUGE amount of fun.  OMG we all love it.  The water comes out of the person’s mouth and the pictures changes into different people all the time.   128 more words


The Fountain: a beautiful mess or something more? If you look up reviews, you’ll be confronted with two extremes: those that thought it was sheer drivel and those that thought it was the one of most incredible film ever. 1,687 more words

Classical Art vs. Contemporary Art

When it comes to the aesthetic emotion in art, audiences understand the simplicity of beauty in classic art much better than the complication of context behind contemporary art. 1,384 more words


Picture of the Day: The Fountain.

While Clint Mansell’s soundtrack for the Fountain is one of my all time favorite’s, today’s picture of the day is a simple yet beautiful water fountain at the Place des Art’s Quartier des Spectacles. 48 more words


To Marcel Duchamp

Tell me, did it come to you
in a dream or a bathroom?

The smooth lines of it create
an almost holy shape, like
Mary in a bleached cloth. 49 more words


The Story Behind Neptune

Each planet in astrology represents an archetype. These can manifest in a variety of ways: positive or negative, internal or external, individual or collective, and often on many levels at once. 457 more words