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Miscellaneous Thoughts On The Fountainhead by a Second-hander

Well. Just finished The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand and have a couple of observations. More than a couple actually. Note: The term “second-hander” refers to the villains, all those who support the suppression of individuality for the sake of the common good, or collectivism. 1,035 more words

Book Reviews

Top Ten of the Most Unique Books I've Read

It’s Top Ten Tuesday Again. This week the folks at The Broke and the Bookish ask that we list the Top Ten of the Most Unique Books I’ve Read. 419 more words

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Why some women have rape fantasies, or How Ayn Rand perverted my sense of Romance

Some Alpha females seek to maintain their Alpha status at all costs, while some would prefer to relinquish their titles when they come home and take on a more subservient role in their romantic relationships. 1,875 more words

Life Lessons

Taki's take on New York

Here is a piece from The Spectator (of Britain) by Taki, the London socialite of Greek extraction who has written the magazine’s “High Life” column since 1977. 196 more words


modern architecture

“It’s the things that we admire or want that enslave us.”

The film and novel focus on Howard Roark, an individualistic young architect who chooses to struggle in obscurity rather than compromise his artistic and personal vision, following his battle to practice what the public sees as modern architecture, which he believes to be superior, despite an establishment centered on tradition-worship. 85 more words


I Have Been a Writer

I have been a writer since sixth grade. A quick response to the common question, What do you want to be? (For the record, my teacher, whose name I fortunately cannot remember, then also quickly said, No, no I mean, what do you really want to be, like for a career?  235 more words


Reading and All-Knowing Space Gods

Right now one of the several books that I am reading is L. Fletcher Prouty’s JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. 350 more words