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The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

Review by Tejas Jayasheel

Are you depressed? Does alcohol seem to be the right solution for your situation? Then go ahead and read The Fountainhead once. 616 more words


Make God Believe in You

I had a dream: an angel said,

“Child, you are strong.”

He cautioned me with sober eyes,

“I won’t stay very long.


“I just came to tell you, 304 more words


The Social Media Stratagem (hashtag)

Why on earth did my heart rate increase as I changed my Facebook profile picture? Gosh, this was ridiculous. As independent and self-fulfilled as I claim to be, was it actually true that I was allowing my self-worth (albeit an infinitesimally small part of it) to be dictated by the number of likes I received on a social networking website? 704 more words

The Speaking Bagula

Is the Customer Always King?

Also published as a Facebook note.

If you have read The Fountainhead (and I assume you have, if you are interested enough to read this blog), you may recall what Howard Roark says to the Dean in the first chapter: 958 more words


Laissez-Faire Capitalism Solves "The Tragedy of the Commons" and Deals With Negative Externalities: A Dialogue

As the reddit user, /u/sobersymphony, I participated in a discussion on reddit on the subject of capitalism vs. socialism. Another user asked me in a private message (PM) about one of my statements in that discussion. 2,865 more words

Ayn Rand

How to Write Sentences That Surprise the Reader

The novelist Hanif Kureishi recently made news when he complained to the British newspaper The Guardian that his writing students lacked the necessary focus to become writers: “They worry about the writing and the prose and you think: ‘Fuck the prose, no one’s going to read your book for the writing, all they want to do is find out what happens in the story next.’” It’s undoubtedly true that sentences don’t make much sense without a story to hang them on, but it’s also true that stories are built out of sentences. 1,525 more words

Creative Writing Prompts


” To my mind the only sensible reason for reading anything is because we enjoy it or hope to enjoy it” – so begins LAG Strong’s famous essay titled… 455 more words