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Reading List Update: August

As usual, life is moving at the speed of light and each month is over before I know it. I started reading The Fountainhead¬†in August, but because of it’s length, I had to supplement with another (audio)book to maintain my reading streak. 144 more words


Of cowardice and bravery

He asked me what I wanted to do in life. And of course, I had an answer. I knew it since I got my first diary 16 years ago and named her Dia. 286 more words


Dominique Francon

She shuddered suddenly, and then she laughed. She laughed simply, completely; he saw the pale foam of the dress trembling; she stood straight, her head thrown back, like a string shaking with the vibrations of a blinding insult to him; an insult, because her laughter was not bitter or mocking, but quite simply gay.

Fiction Reading

I’m not really a big fan of fiction. I’m a big non-fiction kind of guy. I like my economics from textbooks, my ethnographies under 200 pages, my political theory in thick books, my history riddled with theory, and my law in blog form. 276 more words


I Am the Only Being Whose Doom

How strange it is that I find the kind of solace in poetry that I cannot with any other human being. It is on moments like these, when reading the thoughts of someone long dead makes me think about how much more I can relate to their despondency than to the jubilant superficiality I succumb to everyday, all the time. 643 more words


The Fountainhead of human progress / El Manantial

Architecture of course… well not exactly… mind, reason, ego…

First of all, before to get the classic Rand’s opus, it’s necessary to change concepts, definitions, a matter of semantics. 3,034 more words