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Minimum Wage

By Alan Hajek

There is a movement in Nebraska to raise the minimum wage. Plans are in motion to add this initiative to the ballot in November. 237 more words

The Free Market

What Happens When You Inject The Free Market Into Classrooms?

Suddenly good teachers can earn millions of dollars.

When unions complain about teacher pay it’s never about actually paying the good teachers, it’s always about leeching more money off the public.

Capitalism And Economics

You Don't Have to Love Free Markets to be a Libertarian

When thinking about free markets, I have never once become overwhelmed with an unbridled sense of awe and ecstasy. I’ve never marveled at their efficiency or gotten weak in the knees at the thought of spontaneous order and laissez-faire economics. 705 more words

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Capitalism, The Society That Never Was

We hear a lot of propaganda about how Capitalism has failed, and how we need even more Socialism and government intervention in the economy, but I disagree. 851 more words

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