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Spotify Doesn't Kill Music Sales like Smoking Doesn't Cause Cancer...

This just in from Digital Music News, we’re not surprised. The death spiral towards the $3b annual record business is accelerating… One word to artists and music executives reading this post… “WINDOWING”… 136 more words

The Future Of Music

LouFest 2014: Cake's John McCrea Talks | MusicTimes

“As much as I hated major labels and indie labels, probably more than anyone I know, one thing you can say for them is that they were able to translate the success of one band and invest in a new band that no one knew about.

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'Piracy sites don't love music - they love money' | Music Week

“A pilot scheme saw a 12% drop in advertising from major household brands, the kind of big names that lend legitimacy to illegal sites,” said Javid.

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Sons of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter Is A Rock Star for Creators Rights

We love Kurt Sutter’s unapologetic response to Google and Silicon Valley’s assault on creators. Below are links to Kurt’s two editorials that are essential reading for all creators to understand what the “internet economy” means for artists of all disciplines. 389 more words

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The Future Of Music According to Gene Simmons and Jaron Lanier...

Gene Simmons may not be the most sympathetic figure in conversations about artists rights in the digital age but there is something to be said when he and Jaron Lanier make essentially the same observations about the future of music and artist revenue streams. 369 more words

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Spotify's Daniel Ek is Really Bad At Simple Math, “Artists Will Make a Decent Living Off Streaming In Just a Few Years”

The future of music for artist revenue streams seems more uncertain than ever. Digital Music News is reporting a quote from Spotify’s Daniel Ek on CNN Money which appears to show the failure of the companies CEO to perform simple math. 537 more words

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