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6-Step Guide to Flying With a Toddler

I recently returned from a family vacation to the time zone at the other end of the country. While planning this lighthearted jaunt, my thought was, “Surely a four-hour flight with a one-year-old will be less painful than a three-day drive!” 902 more words


Kenny Rogers Rocks!

There is nothing we hate more than a celebrity who takes his/her self  WAYYYY too seriously.  Anyone who is so pretentious that they are incapable of having a laugh at their own expense…we have NO time for them. 61 more words


Transplant Blues

Barb, what’s it like to be dying?

A friend—a journalist—asked me this a while back. In another life, I too was in the news business so I  am not bothered by blunt Q&As. 875 more words


Have you met my friend Kenny?

There are some details of this story I’m going to leave out. On purpose. Like how I acquired a ‘Best of Kenny Rogers’ CD. Let’s just cut to the action and say, yes, I have a Best of Kenny Rogers CD in my possession. 399 more words