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A new way for me to resent my least-favorite idiom

There’s one particular idiom I find exceptionally irritating: “sea change“, when used with no sea shore in sight. Use that phrase, and I will judge not only your writing — I will judge you. 173 more words


Did Taco Bell Make A Secret Gay-Themed Breakfast Commercial? (UPDATED)

Q: Is this video a secret gay-themed commercial for Taco Bell’s new line of breakfast items?

A: Maybe! But also maybe not! I don’t know! 356 more words


TLC Is Once Again Raising The Bar With A New Special About 'Straight' Guys Who Are Attracted To Men

TLC, revered bastions of informative programming excellence, are airing a special next month called My Husband’s Not Gay, which is basically about a bunch of gay dudes married to women. 198 more words